Style Guide: All You Need To Know About Styling Kurtas For Men

Several important celebrations, like Dhanteras, Diwali, Bhai Dooj, and Chhat Pooja, in addition to the wedding season, have all contributed to the increase in demand for traditional clothing. The wearer of various occasions, such as weddings and festivals, must have at least one fantastic and aesthetically pleasing set of kurta pyjamas. 

People who want to create an image of stealth should consider wearing a stylish kurta rather than the traditional Kurta Pajama, which is considered to be the best option for guys who want to seem classy and modest. This is because fashionable kurtas for men are a much more covert option.

As a direct result of the quick shifts in the standards of fashion, men all over the globe are constantly faced with the difficulty of reimagining their sense of style. Traditional kurtas for men are an excellent option since they are an ageless garment that will never become unfashionable. 

By following the guidance that we’ve given below, you could be able to give the impression that your everyday kurta is dressed up a little bit more.

Go for Colour Combinations that are Very Gorgeous

It used to be that the only colours acceptable for men to wear were white and blue, but those days are long gone now. Now, men may wear any colour they choose. These days, teenagers and young adults have no problem showing off their daring sense of style by wearing things in colours that are sure to grab people’s attention, such as pomegranates and pink. 

There is no way to ignore the influence that such tones have. Don’t be afraid to employ unconventional colour combinations in kurtas for men. Take part in the trend of wearing contrasting colours to bring attention to your appealing characteristics, and do so by participating in this fashion.

But if you only take one piece of fashion advice to heart, make it this one: No matter your skin tone, you should always choose a colour palette that will look well on you. Even when it is only utilised in small doses, colour can make a proclamation and take an ensemble to a higher level.

Hide the Trace

Adding a jacket over your kurta may give it a more put-together appearance. Layering a vibrantly printed jacket over a Kurti in subdued tones is a way to attract attention to your ensemble. You might get an advantage and make your look more complex by donning a silk mix embroidered Nehru jacket or an art silk printed Nehru jacket.

Accessorise It

Pairing your kurtas for men with products that go well with them can help you exude an even greater sense of style. When it comes to getting the ideal appearance for a wedding, accessories like a Safa or Pagri and a Designer Mala are really necessary. Your cutting-edge outfit could be missing something, and that something might be a pocket square. In addition to a Stole, a pair of sandals known as Juttis is an item that must be possessed.

Play with Kurta’s Length

You may acquire kurtas for men in a variety of lengths, depending on what you’re looking for. There is a wide variety of lengths available for kurtas; some end at the knee, while others go all the way down to the calf. Choose a style that complements both your internal sense of self-expression and your external sense of fashion. It’s possible that you may appear fashionable with a short kurta paired with jeans, Patiala, or harem trousers. Churidars are the kind of bottoms that look best when paired with a long kurta because they elongate the legs.

Choose Something Non-typical

When looking for kurtas for men, you have a wide variety of options available to you in terms of both the fabric and the decorations. Make sure that you allow yourself enough time to try out a variety of various styles. Find something uncommon and one-of-a-kind to add to your collection; then you’ll have a look that’s all your own. Experiment with something that is not typical, such as a Kurta that has a geometric pattern, a fabric that has a self-textured pattern, a vivid colour, etc.


You could be able to attain a spectacular and one-of-a-kind style with the assistance of Chikan Georgette Kurta sets and Mirror Jawahar Kurta sets, to name just a few instances. Pick a style that highlights your best features while yet letting you move about unencumbered.

The kurtas for men ensemble is quite versatile, and men have a wide variety of alternatives for how they may wear it to look their best. If you’re having trouble finding the desire to get things done, try on a variety of kurtas. Hope this blog was able to enlighten you on the topic of Kurtas for men.