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9 Tips For Moving House During Winter in Australia

Everyone wishes to move during the great weather. However, due to some circumstances, there are instances where you have to move during the most difficult times, like winter. Let’s face it, winter, in terms of moving, is not the ideal time to plan to move house. But with the proper safety precautions and a well-planned plan, it is possible to complete the task.

If you’re planning an imminent transfer or are planning on moving during the winter months and are wondering how to transport your household items safely, read these nine helpful tips to follow to help you move during winter.

  • Prepare in advance

Check the weather forecast for a minimum of a week before getting ready to move in. In winter, moving can be a nightmare. When planning your move, schedule your move on a day that does not have snow since this can result in massive delays. The benefit of moving in the winter months is that moving firms which offer such services can be more flexible since it happens to be their non-peak season. They are more likely to provide the assistance you require.

  • Pack Your Belongings Carefully

The weather in winter isn’t always kind to us! Wet and cold climates and damp conditions can harm items like electronics, furniture and other exposed belongings. Ensure all belongings are properly wrapped and placed in boxes labelled with a solid and sturdy tag.

Be sure that items that might be affected by damp conditions like metal objects, electronic equipment and clothing are covered in bags and sealed containers to stop moisture ingress.

  • Opt for weather-proof packing

To ensure the safety of your objects, it is strongly advised to choose weather-proof packing during the winter. There is no way to avoid the risk of cold temperatures and rain. To ensure that your household goods are protected, opt for weather-proof packing that includes plastic bags and bins made of plastic and foam bags for mattresses, bubble wraps, and waterproof labelling for your move.

For larger electronic products, if you don’t have sufficient packaging to protect them, you might consider hiring a professional interstate removalists Sydney to put them in a box.

  • Make sure you have plenty of salt.

Be sure you are armed with lots of salt and shovels. Keep your eye on the road all through the drive. If you notice that there’s a lot of snow ahead, it is suggested to remove yourself and clear the road first. The only thing you have to do is put ample amounts of salt over the problematic areas. This will help ensure that the road ahead isn’t slippery.

  • Clear driveways and sidewalks of ice and snow

When you move during winter, safety is your top priority. Regarding relocation, ensure that the roads and sidewalks outside your home are free of ice and snow. Even if you’re hiring experts Removalists Newcastle to help you with the winter time of your move, it is important to ensure everyone is safe.

Be aware that sometimes, shoveling the snow might not be enough as it could create a slippery layer of snow or ice beneath.

  • Prepare your car for the move.

Before you embark on your journey, it’s essential to conduct thorough maintenance of your car. Suppose there are any issues or damages, ensure that you get them fixed. Examine the tyres carefully and even replace the ones you have with winter tires that are specifically designed to give the necessary traction when driving in cold weather conditions.

Don’t forget to fill your vehicle with all the essential winter items like emergency first aid kits, flashlights, batteries, blankets, gloves, hats, shovels, water bottles and cell phone chargers, snack bags, windshield scrapers, etc.

  • Have a backup plan

Moving during winter is risky because there might be a snow or ice forecast. It’s essential to have an emergency plan in case you encounter bad weather on the day you plan to relocate. Set a second move date in case of a backup plan so that you’re ready to deal with any circumstance.

Give yourself enough time to ensure you don’t have to leave the house you’ve been living in before you’re able to move into the new house. Check to see if your moving company is available for your backup day.

  • Wear appropriate clothing

Dress in appropriate attire and footwear for your winter move.

When you’re moving during the winter months, the best option is to layer your clothing to be able to remove an extra layer when you start to sweat while packing your last containers or transporting heavy objects.

Do not forget to pack warm winter gloves and hats for all.

Also, wear the most appropriate winter boots that offer the most grip and comfort as you constantly move between your office and home. The footwear you choose is crucial to keep your moving day as secure as possible.

  • Hiring a professional Moving Crew

Regarding the moving company you choose, you should select the top one you can. Finding the right Removalists Northern Beaches is essential, especially when moving during winter.

When you are deciding on which company you want to go with, make sure to look at every option. Review online reviews and take a look at what they have to offer. Most likely, you’ll be able to locate an organization that can assist you in cleaning the old home and putting up a brand new one for a reasonable cost.

Final Thoughts

Although it could need more planning, moving during the winter is a great time to reap the benefits. You’ll receive a lower price for your new residence and less competition. Removalists Northers Beaches may have more options and cost less during warmer seasons. This is why it’s so common to relocate in winter! With these “moving tips during winter,” you will reduce costs and be able to move without hassle.