Basic Skill And Responsibilities Of An Unarmed Security Guard

An unarmed security guard’s principal role is to keep an eye on and safeguard property from damage or criminal assault. They must maintain vigilance, monitor the property, and react to crises. Unarmed Security guards hire because they also keep an eye on security systems and surveillance cameras. They are expected to call in law enforcement personnel in a security breach.


Some duties are taken from genuine unarmed security guard resumes that depict regular activities.

  • Report unusual events such as possible losses, emergency circumstances, property damage, and customer policy and procedure infractions.
  • Provide VIPs and public events with high-stakes security clearance.
  • Send another officer to any alerts or people in the wrong location for which they don’t have clearance.
  • Assist at the facility’s parking booth, guiding traffic and ensuring that all parking lots and CCTV monitors are covered.
  • To guarantee maximum available operating time, do ATM deposit pulls, first-line maintenance, balancing, and cash replenishment.
  • Keep an eye on the CCTV screens and patrol the premises to avoid theft, property damage, and violence.
  • Refill ATMs, clear paper and money, clogs, and double-check that assigned ATM locations are operational.
  • Control entry to the facility, verify identity, direct visitors, and enforce client and security company site restrictions.
  • Maintain effective contact with customers and visitors by providing all necessary information.

Assist in the security of the assigned command post; give information to visitors to the convention center; display effective verbal and writing communication.

Skills of an unarmed security guard

According to our calculations, Unarmed Security Guards are skilled in Unarmed Security, Law Enforcement, and the General Public. They’re also recognized for soft skills like communication, decision-making, and observation.

The proportion of Unarmed Security Guards with these talents indicated on their résumé is broken down as follows:

30 percent unarmed security

Unarmed Security Guard* The Alabama Security Regulatory Board granted me my Private Security Officer license.

About 14% of the population works in law enforcement.

Conduct preliminary investigations to aid local law enforcement personnel with a variety of issues, including but not limited to:

The general public (11%)

Interact with diverse individuals, including customers, visitors, law officers, employees, and the general public.

7 percent are in an emergency

Unusual instances were reported, including possible losses, emergency circumstances, property damage, and customer policy and procedure infractions.

Suspicious Activity accounted for 7% of the total.

Daily inspections of the facility for any suspicious activities that might compromise public safety and hourly briefings to the supervisor on the area’s state.

3 percent for safety rules

Hourly patrols of the plant are carried out to verify that safety procedures are followed.

Unarmed Security Guards must include a variety of abilities, including “Unarmed Security,” “Law Enforcement,” and “General Public.” We discovered a long list of tasks for Unarmed Security Guards, including Communication skills are the most necessary for an Unarmed Security Guard in this profession. You’ll see why in the following sample from a résumé for an Unarmed Security Guard: “Even intense conditions, security guards and cops must interact well with people.” According to resumes we found, we must find that an Unarmed Security Guard may employ communication abilities to “Used effective communication skills essential to deal with transients and local law enforcement authorities,” according to resumes we found.

The following is another regularly discovered talent for being able to execute Unarmed Security Guard hire duties: Excellent judgment. “Security guards and officers must be able to immediately assess the appropriate course of action when a risky scenario develops,” also, notice how unarmed security guards: “Access Control Predominantly Screening Secondary Screening Patrol Deter, Detect, Observe, Report Excellent Customer Service.”

Unarmed Security Guards must also have good observation abilities. “Security guards and officers must be vigilant and aware of their surroundings, and be able to swiftly notice anything out of the usual,” are according to an Unarmed Security Guard experience. It is the skill of unarmed security guards that how important it is to their daily tasks and responsibilities. “I created daily activity reports to offer extensive, complete assessments on events.”