Makita DUB 362 Z – compact and functional cordless leaf blower

This model is a powerful and space-saving blower with an autonomous battery drive. The Makita DUB 362 Z is a pure leaf blower and is not equipped with a suction function. The users are full of praise and almost exclusively give Makita’s leaf blower the top grade.

Reduced noise level and medium blowing speed


The manufacturer advertises a comparatively low airborne sound emission of 94 dB(A). Of course, objectively this is still quite a noise, compared to other leaf blowers actually moderate.

With only 190 km/h, the blowing speed is clearly in the lower range, so this blower is primarily suitable for blowing away dry leaves. An advantage is the practical telescopic blowpipe, which can be easily adapted to the individual size of the user as well as to the terrain. The leaf vacuum cleaner weighs 3.9 kg and is still handy even without guide wheels.


Neither the batteries nor the matching charger are included in the scope of delivery of Makita DUB 362 Z and must therefore be ordered separately.


The model Makita DUB 362 Z is an easy-to-use battery-powered air blower for use in the garden or on the farm. It is ideal for medium-sized asphalted or paved surfaces.


  • Dual 18-volt battery system (high performance and flexible battery replacement)
  • Locking lever for continuous operation
  • Extendable blowpipe
  • High blowing capacity (804 cubic meters per hour)
  • Battery operation (unlimited range of motion)
  • Brushless motor (more minor motor wear and longer service life)


  • Loud (94 decibels)
  • a battery and charger
  • Battery operation (limited runtime)
  • No suction function


Can the DUB 362 Z leaf blower from Makita be operated with two batteries that work with different currents?

Yes, according to the provider, the leaf blower can be operated with two batteries that work with a different current.

How many steps does the telescope tube have?

The telescope tube of the Makita DUB 362 Z has three stages.

Does the leaf blower have a battery level indicator?

Yes, the leaf blower has a battery level indicator.

What is the diameter of the blowpipe?

The blowpipe has a diameter of 70 millimeters.

Can the speed of the leaf blower be infinitely adjusted?

No, the setting is not infinitely variable. There are six-speed levels.

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