WoW WOTLK Classic Dual Spec – What You Should Know

World of Warcraft is a rich and varied MMORPG with a long but coherent story. Therefore, players need to be able to familiarize themselves with the game characters and bring themselves into the storyline. Challenging PvE scenarios and unpredictable PvP environments help players immerse themselves in complex storylines and let their imaginations run wild, creating strategies that suit them according to their own understanding. To sum up, we can understand that this kind of realistic gameplay is a major feature of WoW. Although it may only be an effect, it has a great effect on the player’s understanding of game characters, class feel and fantasy, and can bring a good game experience to the player.

It is worth noting that it is important to be familiar with the role, but do not limit your knowledge and definition of the profession in WoW because of the role. There are still other ways we can customize our classes, such as unique spells, raid and raid utility, and specializations. You can even combine talents from different trees to create a unique specialization. This means that you can change your specialization at will. Of course, you have to spend a certain amount of gold to achieve the operation you envision. And the gold that each different respecs need to spend is not fixed, the price even keeps going up, but the upper limit is 50 gold. If you don’t have enough WoW Classic Gold to design your own respec, you can visit There, you can not only buy cheap WOW gold, but also check out any WoW guides for free.

The above method sounds good, but the player also spends a lot of money accordingly, and it is very difficult for those who do not have enough gold. Therefore, in the recently released Wrath of the Lich King Classic, Blizzard Entertainment thoughtfully helped players solve this problem. The company designed a system called dual spec. This system not only helps players save a lot of WoW Classic WOTLK gold, but also allows players to freely switch between existing specializations. This means that as long as the dual spec system is activated, players can switch back and forth between the two specializations without paying any fees. Therefore, it can be said that dual spec plays a crucial role in Wrath of the Lich King Classic.

A Brief Introduction To Dual Spec

There must be many players who are not particularly familiar with my interpretation of the dual spec. Next, I will introduce it in detail. Dual spec, full name dual specialization, is a system newly introduced into WOTLK Classic. Once you activate the system, at the same time, your character will also have two simultaneous specializations. It should be noted that although it is possible to switch back and forth between the two specializations, you still need to identify an active specialization. And before you go to raid, dungeon, or the wide world, you need to switch the specialization you need in advance. Because changing specialization is very fast and it only takes 5 seconds. But once changed, all your resources, including mana, Holy Power, Rune Power, and Rage, will be reset to zero. Therefore, you should pay special attention to the choice of specialization and the timing of switching specializations.

WoW WotLK Classic Dual Spec3

The Importance Of Dual Spec

Dual specialization is well worth being activated. Although this system sounds like it just helps players switch between two specializations for free, and helps community players save a lot of WoW WotlK Classic gold. But in fact, its role cannot be underestimated. Hybrid classes like Shamans and Warriors, for example, can take advantage of this system to switch between DPS specs and healing tanking specs, and even switch between open world and dungeon/raid builds. The most amazing thing is that PvPers, especially those who dabble in both battlegrounds and arenas, can use this system to choose PvP-type talents that are useless in PvE content. Having said that, the importance of dual Spec is self-evident.

The Way To Unlock Dual Spec

If you want to unlock the dual spec in WOTLK Classic, you must meet the following conditions. 

  • Reach level 40. For most WOTLK Classic players, this condition is the easiest to achieve. 
  • Pay 1000 WotLK Classic Gold. (Please note: WOTLK Gold is available at 

As long as you meet the above two basic conditions, you can buy a dual spec from any class trainer. When you have your dual spec system, you have to set and lock your primary and secondary specialization. If you want to respec due to changes in circumstances, usually you only need to spend 1 WOTLK gold.

WotLK Classic Dual Spec1

That’s all for this guide. Overall, dual spec is a good choice. However, through the previous introduction, we also learned that obtaining the system also requires a certain amount of WoW WOTLK gold and a vast repository of knowledge. Want to achieve it now? Get moving!