Why New Metro City is So Popular

New Metro City is a community that is master-planned. The new metro city’s vision is to offer amenities, facilities, and a secure, opulent environment to people who want high living standards. In Pakistan’s real estate sector, the goal of the owner and developers is to offer high living standards at reasonable investment levels to all citizens living in various regions of Pakistan. 

BSM Developers is creating more ideal and distinctive modern elegance products. The successful debut of Pakistan’s two largest housing projects, New Metro City Gujar Khan and New Metro City Kharian.

The Gwadar Golf City in Gwadar, under the banner of the new metro city, is making them more popular and at the top of the Pakistan real estate industry. Prior experience in the real estate industry and the construction field have made new metro cities more popular.

New Metro City Owner

Bilal Bashir Malik is the owner of the new metro city, a man who places a high value on corporate social responsibility. The Bahria Town Pakistan owner, Malik Riaz, is the grandfather of Bilal Bashir Malik. Moreover, bilal Bashir has an experience with a successful housing project in Bahria Town and wants to make the New Metro City Project an affordable but luxurious housing scheme.

  • The chairman of the new metro city is Farrukh Shahzad Malik. His goal is to guarantee residents of their housing schemes a better future. So, the chairman of the new metro city has the expertise to maintain a vision for a housing program that satisfies the needs of society’s residents.

New Metro City Housing Scheme Developers 

New metro city housing scheme developers are BSM Developers (Pvt Ltd). The country head of the BSM developers is Zaroon Masood. Developers are professionals at their work and delivery. The architects of the housing plan have knowledge and expertise in advancing society’s modernization. 

They understand how to handle amenities and facilities and how to top and innovate them. So, Numerous individuals looking for a better future and their ideal home received assistance from the housing scheme’s developers. 

BSM Developers have a competitive advantage over all other Pakistani housing society developers in the country’s real estate market.

New Metro City Gujar Khan

A major housing project New Metro City Gujar Khan Rawalpindi had been launched in the city of Punjab Gujar Khan, District Rawalpindi. Moreover, The project’s goal is to offer a range of opulent living standards at reasonable prices. So, the owner and developers of society select the ideal location for society. 

About a 30-minute drive will bring you to the housing project from Islamabad. After experiencing great success in New Metro City Kharaian, the owner and developers have launched the Gujar khan project. So, the society will provide top-notch features and amenities to its residents in both the residential and commercial areas. 

Recently, New Metro City Gujar Khan residential plots payment plan was introduced that is cost-effective and offers various installment schedules for various plots. So, there are plots available in residential areas that are 5 Marla, 7 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal. 

So, the inhabitants of residential plots will have access to all the best amenities as well as necessities like gas, electricity, and water. Living in a safe and secure environment will be enjoyable for the residents of the residential area. Moreover, residents of residential plots in any block will have easy access to the main GT Road Gujar Khan when leaving the community.

New Metro City Gujar Khan NOC

New Metro City Gujar Khan has not yet received its NOC. However, the society will receive approval from PHATA and Tehsil Municipal Administration. So, the No Objection Certificate will soon be publicly disclose by the society’s management.

  • New Metro City Gujar Location

The New Metro City Gujar Khan is situated in Gujar Khan in a fantastic location. Moreover, the society is located on Gujar Khan’s main GT Road, near the Tehsil Headquarters. Owners and developers picked a spot with a beautiful view of society.

New Metro City Kharian

In the lovely city of Kharian, there is a modern housing society entitled “ New Metro City Kharian. The people now have a perfect place to live where they can enjoy a luxurious lifestyle at the lowest possible cost. So, the residential area of the society provides space for living with modern life amenities, so the people of Kharian don’t need to look any further. 

Moreover, in order to continue offering Pakistani citizens top-notch services in their housing societies, BSM Developers launched the housing project. The society is launching by Bilal Bashir Malik and BSM developers to meet people’s needs for their contemporary lifestyles. 

The group is well-known for facilitating societies with higher living standards. Moreover, Bilal Bashir Malik, the grandson of Malik Riaz and BSM Developer, is dependable and committed to giving people better-living standards.

  • New Metro City Kharian NOC

The New Metro City housing society in Kharian has received a no-objection certificate from TMA Sara-e-Alamgir, which will catch more investors. Any property will definitely be worth more if it has a NOC status. So, It is a crucial component of real estate marketing is receiving its NOC.

Moreover, everyone in Pakistan, such as investors and residents, is curious to know the society’s NOC status. And they have more faith in housing societies that have received its approval.

  • New Mero City Kharian Location

New Metro City Kharian is located on Main GT Road between Kharian and Alamgir in the Gujrat district. Moreover, the location and road are the busiest in Pakistan, mainly in Punjab. As it connects numerous tehsils and districts in Northern and Central Punjab. This perfect location makes the housing project easily accessible from various Pakistan cities.


As in Kharian and Gujar Khan, the New Metro City Housing System provides ideal living environments. So, the owners and developers have a number of successes in Pakistan’s real estate industry, which is why New Metro City is so Popular. The New Metro City Gujar Khan residential plots payment plan has just been launched. There are different plot sizes and prices. 

If you are interested in purchasing residential plots in New Metro City Kharian or New Metro City Gujar Khan, you can contact Makaan Solutions for better guidance and assistance with your reservations.