Why Businesses Require Elevator Inspections

Elevators help smooth the flow of traffic in a building, but they can easily break down if not cared for, which can be terrifying for people inside. If your elevator stops working, parts of your building can become inaccessible to certain groups of people, which is never a great look for a business. Therefore, having regular safety inspections and maintenance carried out is essential; continue reading to explore five reasons why. 

The Law Says So

According to Federal law and the United States Department of Labor, elevators are required to be inspected by a professional annually. If you fail to have an elevator checked within a year, you can face prosecution and a likely large fine to pay. To find out more about your obligation towards elevator operation, read this article. If you’re unsure about anything, you can seek professional help from a company specializing in elevator and escalator consulting, which will give you peace of mind. 

It Ensures Safety

Fatal elevator accidents are extremely rare, with only 30 annual recorded deaths per year in the US. However, breakdowns do happen and there is always a potential risk to user safety; the CDC states that 17,000 people are injured in elevators every year. Fortunately, you can help to reduce the risk by making sure your elevator is maintained at all times. 

Demonstrates Inclusivity

You have an obligation as a business to ensure as many of your client and staff areas are accessible by all users, which is where elevators are invaluable. According to statistics, almost 10% of all Americans report difficulty with stairs. By keeping your elevators maintained, you are demonstrating that your business promotes inclusivity. 

Mitigates Complications

Cars, computers, and washing machines all need maintenance to extend their life and keep them working properly, and an elevator is no different. There are countless parts in an elevator, and they all need to be working properly to prevent malfunctions. You can easily avoid having to put up “Out of Order” signs by keeping up to date with inspections and maintenance. Prevention of breakdowns is always cheaper than the repair cost, so it’s in your company’s best interest. 

Helps Reduce Cost

The average elevator will last around 20 years, which sounds like an extremely long time. However, if you neglect the elevator and skip those safety inspections, you will speed up the elevator’s death. Investing in a new elevator will cost you around $50K, whereas a regular inspection will cost you a couple hundred a go. These numbers alone should be enough to convince you that elevator inspections are vital to your business, as well as the safety of others. 

Elevators smooth out traffic within a building and make areas accessible for everyone. However, they can also cause serious harm if not looked after properly, which can lead to lawsuits, fines, and heavy repair costs for businesses. You are required to have your elevator inspected at least annually, according to US law. However, best practice dictates that you should carry out independent maintenance in the interim to mitigate any risks.