How To Style Your Second Hand Clothes 

Fashion trends are always changing, and the latest trend in the fashion industry is sustainable clothing. People are no longer after trendy or seasonal fast fashion since they realize the side effects of the mass production of cheap clothes. The second hand clothing market value is thriving at a steady pace, and the number of stores that sell used apparel is on the rise as well. 

Why Should You Prefer Second Hand Clothes

By purchasing second hand clothes, you are reducing the demand for fast fashion. Fast fashion is one of the most polluting sectors that is resource intensive. Second-hand apparel uses no more resources. Additionally, you will also lessen the chemical and water pollution caused by the fast fashion produced today.

Even used designer clothing is less costly than new items. In comparison to modern apparel, the quality of finely made vintage clothing (clothes from 20 to 100 years old) is higher. You can purchase good quality and durable used garments from a trusted second hand clothing company UK supplier.

Each year, 14.3 million tons of clothing waste is produced. By acquiring used clothing, it is possible to reduce textile waste. In addition, it promotes sustainability which is slowly getting popular in the fashion sector.

8 Best Ways To Style Your Second Hand Clothes

Numerous people now choose used clothing after realizing it assists in increasing garment longevity and decreasing unsustainable clothing manufacturing. Here are a few ways you can style your second hand clothes.

  • Play With Color

Choose clothes in two or three colors to establish your outfit idea, and then match your attire, accessories, and even your makeup to those hues. If you are hesitant to incorporate color into your outfit, begin with one neutral-colored piece and work your way up. You will become familiar with color combinations that complement your style the most as you become more accustomed to the color wheel.

  • A Matching Co-ord Set

One of the simplest methods to look stylish is to go with a vintage matching co-ord set. Any matching two-piece outfit, such as a pantsuit, knit set, skirt suit, or vintage sweatsuit, will look stylish. The only aspect you should take care of is to select the proper shoes and accessories.

  • Prefer Layered Clothing

When you go with layered clothing, there are minimal chances for a single outfit to make you look boring. Therefore, you can experiment with various outfits by wearing a coat over a gown, a mesh top over it, or tights. You can picture yourself as a stylish icon and style your way. This advice is useful in the cold weather when you should be wearing layers.

  • Combine Patterns And Textures

It is no longer needed to match your bags to your shoes. A bold fashion statement is made by clashing textures and prints of used clothes. Begin off simple with unassuming textures like leather and knits, along with neutral patterns such as stripes. Gradually, you can introduce sequins and paisleys until you find what flatters you.

Combine a variety of materials in one outfit, like rugged knit, suede, silk, a snakeskin print, or leather. The final appearance will be really stylish and unique. To make the texture combining more subdued, you can choose to go big with your color selections or keep them all in the exact hue.

  • Pick A Belt Or A Corset

One of the simplest ways to make any second hand clothing outfit look more stylish is to add a belt or corset to it. It is also a terrific strategy for creating harmony in an outfit. If you are wearing a simple floral vintage dress, you can add a slim belt to it. It is best to wear a wide corset when going with themed dresses.

  • Consider Clothing Proportions

An enormous quilted jacket over a tank top, shorts with a lopsided top, asymmetrical top with long pants, etc., are all stylish designs. They are all about playing with proportions and embracing contrast to seem stylish. Combining rigid and soft textures, tight and loose forms, and thick and light fabrics are further styles you can try out.

  • Use A Versatile Second Hand Jacket

As you can pair a vintage jacket with so many various outfits, it is often a great purchase. Choose a jacket that fits the new aesthetic you are striving for and ensure you will enjoy wearing it. If you are striving for a modern biker style, you can choose a dark leather jacket. If you want to appear polished and businesslike, you can go with a nice blazer.

  • Oversized Baggy Clothes

At first sight, you might not appreciate the aesthetic of baggy clothing, but after you try it once, there will be no turning back. It is because a lot of people find it intriguing to wear casual, baggy clothing that also happens to be fashionable. Because many individuals value comfort above all else, the trend started a few years ago and is currently robust. You can buy a few large tops or loose-fitting vintage pants to try this style.

Bottom Line

Buying second hand apparel is relatively helpful. You can save the environment, save money, reduce textile waste, preserve resources, etc., by opting for used apparel rather than buying new ones. In addition, there are plenty of ways you can style second-hand garments to look chic.