Whois Lookup Tool Helps You Find the Owner of an IP Address

The IP registration process is an essential part of any website. It is the one thing that allows you to tell the world who you are, what you do, and what your location is. To find out more about your IP address, you need to know who has registered it. This is where a Whois lookup tool comes in handy.

This article will examine how to use the lookup tool to determine who owns an IP address. We will also discuss some things that can be found when looking up someone’s personal information using this tool.

What Is a Whois Lookup?

Let’s learn about Whois first. It is a listing that records information about a person’s IP address and contact information. ICANN, or the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, is responsible for the registration and ownership of IP addresses. Whois records have proven to be essential because of their assistance in maintaining the registration of IP addresses and the ownership process.

When you register your presence online for your company, your information immediately enters the Whois records. People do not think of this data as something important. However, they forget that in this era, data is everything. Since the most straightforward information online gives others an idea of what type of person you are.

Use the lookup tool to find as much information about specific IPs. Since the lookup tool fetches data from the regional registry, all information on the registry is open to people who use the tool.

Following is some of the information within the Whois register:

  • Any contact information about the owner of the IP address.
  • Information about the Regional International Registry that assigns the IP address.
  • Information about autonomous system numbers that change the routing information with another system.
  • Details of any action of the IP owner, including their network history, contact information, and any reports concerning malicious behavior from the user.

Data Models Type of Whois Lookup

No matter what you think, there are multiple ways of information storage in Whois servers. The following are the two different methods of data storage in the register.

  • Thin Model: contains information like the registration name, name of the server used, and registration data. Moreover, this model stores the name of another server with full details on the registrar and some basic information. People have to make a second inquiry to access all the information.
  • Thick Model: contains additional information. It expands the information by adding details. When people use the lookup tool, it finds all the information within the thick model, making the process simple and fast since it requires a single query.

Why Do We Need a Whois Lookup Tool?

The initial purpose of the Whois database was to act as a directory. Its work was to register any information related to data transmission. You live in a digital era. Have you ever considered where the information you search for is located? People must know the source of information. The most important point is that you can find any information online, leading you to question the source.

The Whois lookup tool greatly assists people in many fields. During initial integration into an online business, companies require an IP address to identify their business. However, the IP address you want may already be registered by others. In this case, you can use the tool to find the owner’s contact information from the Whois register. You can directly contact them to form a deal to obtain the IP address.

How to Search for an IP Owner with WHOIS Lookup

You can search for the owner of an IP address by using the Whois database. The Whois database is a repository of information used to identify the owners of registered IP addresses and other resources on the internet. It’s also sometimes used as public information about individuals and businesses.

  • To get the WHOIS details of an IP address, open the WHOIS lookup tool provided by for performing the WHOIS lookup for the IP address. Enter the IPv4 or IPv6 address and click on the “Check Now” button. The tool fetched the WHOIS details of the given IP address and provided the information that helps find out whom you should contact to reach out to the IP’s owner. Mostly it’s the ISP to whom the given IP is assigned. However, if someone is trying to hack you or perform any other spamming activity, it’s best to reach out to the abused information in the results.


From the above article, you can learn how a Whois Lookup helps people. Whois is your online identity. You are the owner of your Whois. First and foremost, think about your privacy, safety, and security online. After all, if a third party can find you online, this may harm your privacy.