Common reasons for screen damage revealed by a mobile repair shop

Smartphones are thinner and smaller than ever, making them more vulnerable to malfunctions, crashes, and general wear and tear. In this article, we’ll go over some of the most common reasons why phones break.

Because of technological advancement, the days of brick-like telephones are over. Older Nokia smartphones, for example, can still make and receive calls and send texts after being submerged in water or dropped. The opposite is true; modern cell phones are more prone to malfunction, malfunction and damage due to their compact size and fragile construction. The following are some of the most common causes of broken phones being repaired by mobile repair shops.

Common reasons for screen damage revealed by a mobile repair shop

Corrupted pixels

Even if only a few pixels are damaged or missing, the user experience will suffer. It will make reading on a touchscreen difficult and damage your films, photos, and screen time. Glass, components, and LCDs are all sandwiched between layers of plastic in today’s displays.

Color and vibrancy are provided by tiny squares of electronic material known as “pixels,” ranging from hundreds to millions depending on the device. A device with more pixels can provide better picture quality. The pixels will frequently perform their functions and provide you with images, but there will be times when they will fail or become dysfunctional.

When a pixel loses its ability to change color, we call it “dead.” A dead pixel can be easily identified because it remains black while the other pixels on the display change color. Some damaged pixels may become permanently fixed at a single color and unable to change. Put on a white or bright picture and look for discrepancies.

A variety of factors can cause pixelation. If the problem persists, contact the manufacturer; a faulty unit may have prevented the pixel from receiving power during production. Physical damage, such as a drop or an impact, could also disrupt the power connection to the pixels, explaining the problem. Your screen can be replaced or repaired by a professional phone repair store.


Modern electronics can shut down on their own. The most important reason for this is to extend the battery’s life and the various components’ lifespan. Because it is intended to assist you, the automated function frequently occurs while you are not using the device.

If you notice that the screen goes dark at inconvenient times, you may need to find a solution. The screen will go dark even if background processes are running. Simply adjust the sleep timer in the settings to resolve this. 

The act of unintentionally dropping your phone

Every smartphone owner has dropped their device at least once, if not multiple times. If your digital device has fallen to the ground and landed on concrete, grass, or any other hard surface, its use may be severely limited or even impossible. Even if you have a phone case, it is not completely safe from drops, which can cause fractures. The good news is that there is another way to deal with the problem, even if it initially appears hopeless. If your phone is broken in an accident, you can have your screen repaired without worrying about the cost, thanks to the Phone Insurance offered at well reputed  phone repair in Pittsburgh.

Allowing Minors to Use Your Phone

Some parents give in and allow their children to use the phone when they have tantrums or are disruptive. Please do not leave your phone unattended with a child. Your child may cause internal or external damage to your phone by mistaking it for a toy, spilling food on it, or dropping it. According to research, phone use may hurt a child’s health and development.

Sitting on the phone.

Many phone owners will put their valuable devices in their back pockets or leave them unattended on the sofa. This could result in severe scratches, shattered displays, or internal component failure. MICI’s Phone Insurance plan covers accidental damage, such as when someone sits on their phone.

Submerging your phone in water

If your smartphone is submerged in water, it may sustain permanent damage. Surprisingly, even those designed to withstand water will break if submerged for an extended period of time. To avoid a short circuit, unplug the device and leave it idle for a few minutes before plugging it back in.

If you get your screen damaged for any reason, get it repaired by a mobile repair shop like Tech Nichol as soon as possible. Consult the FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions) section for more information.

Is it typical to find shattered phone screens?

The most prevalent issue is damaged and cracked screens, which account for about half of all smartphone repairs.

Is toothpaste effective in repairing phone cracks?

Toothpaste will only assist with tiny scratches and smoothing out your screen; it cannot completely fix a shattered phone screen.

How long can a cracked phone screen be expected to last?

If your phone has a large crack, it won’t last long, from a few days to a few months.
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