Should You Invest In Dedicated Server Hosting?

Did you have enough of other websites on the same server slowing down your performance? Do you opt for additional resources to meet the increasing number of clients and visitors on your website? Or maybe you feel that the existing hosting plan no longer meets your needs?

If you are facing all of these issues, it’s time to upgrade to dedicated hosting. Fast forward, HostArmada offers one of the best dedicated hosting solutions on the market. Feel free to read the comprehensive HostArmada review on HostAdvice to learn all about the service.

As for now, let’s focus on the basics and why you might need a dedicated server in the first place.

What Is A Dedicated Server?

Users can rent a whole server by using this hosting option. It covers all available resources like storage capacity, bandwidth, and RAM. Additionally, dedicated servers are very adjustable and enable you to have total control over the software and security systems. Another benefit of dedicated servers is the freedom to select your own operating system.

The two available options of dedicated server hosting are managed and unmanaged. The hosting company operates and manages everything in managed hosting. In contrast, the unmanaged option allows you total control from the setup to the backup.

Who Needs Dedicated Hosting? 3 Signs You Need One

How can you tell if a dedicated server is your best option? Here are the top three signs you need!

  • You have increased traffic: If your site experiences high traffic or is expected to grow, you should go for dedicated hosting. Why? Because it offers great user experience and usability.
  • The longevity of your site depends on SEO and Search Engine rankings: You will require a dedicated server if you want to rank higher in search results because there is no amount of SEO effort to compensate for the flagged IP address.
  • You are working with secure data: The higher the protection of your client’s data has to be, the more you should be going towards dedicated hosting. Additionally, you have improved SSL security with a single IP address, which further safeguards private financial and transactional data.

7 Reasons To Invest In A Dedicated Server

Here are the main benefits of switching to dedicated hosting.

#1: Better Security

Invest in a dedicated server to get total control over security. It will help you avoid or at least reduce the chances of significant failure events caused by others customers within the same environment. You will also get absolute control over the operating system you choose and when you want the upgrades installed.

The security mechanisms on dedicated hosting services are also PCI compliant, enabling you to safely handle and store sensitive data. This top-notch security shields your website from DDoS attacks and other online threats.

#2: Scalability

Your possibilities are limitless with a dedicated server. You may quickly upgrade your server resources. As a result, your business will be able to grow its presence and audience, which often brings in more clients and boosts sales.

Furthermore, you will be allowed to store data without the system slowing down since your bandwidth allocation is quite big.

#3: Unique IP Address

A dedicated server ensures your IP address belongs only to you because each server has its own IP address. This reduces the chance that a neighboring site may be spamming, which will lower the rating of your website on search engine results.

#4: Higher Flexibility

You may tailor the server to your company’s particular requirements with a dedicated server. You have the freedom to control, monitor, and modify programs and software as you see appropriate.

A dedicated server can assist you in effectively managing your workload in accordance with the demands of your organization, regardless of the type of business or industry.

#5: Better Customer Service

Hosting companies providing dedicated servers often have fewer customers. That means you will quickly receive better answers from them if you have any problems. Most customer support agents will also assist you if you intend to upgrade your server.

Picking dedicated server hosting guarantees you better care and support from your hosting provider.

#6: Highly Reliable Bandwidth

The dedicated bandwidth provided to your website is one of the best features a dedicated server hosting offers. A consistent bandwidth is necessary for all of your website’s apps and programs to operate effectively. They improve user experience overall and repel users if the site starts to underperform.

You will get reliable bandwidth, considering that your site will be the only one on the server. If you ever need extra bandwidth, all you have to do is to call customer service and request an upgrade.

#7: Value for Money

Dedicated servers are still a good value, although they aren’t the cheapest choice.

A dedicated server may appear to be more expensive than a cloud-based server, but it offers greater resources, and once you understand the genuine value dedicated servers provide, you’ll notice that the cost is rather affordable.

The Bottom Line – You Will Get The Highest Performance Levels, But at a Price

Having your website and apps on a dedicated server can guarantee excellent performance if your company is prepared to grow significantly.

Choosing a dedicated server from the beginning might save you time later if you are convinced that your site and business will develop greatly. No matter how big your business becomes, you can rest assured that you have all the needed resources to support your web presence.

However, do your homework and weigh your choice before making an investment because a dedicated server is a big financial commitment for your business!