What Can You Learn from an Online Course in High-Rise Building Design?

High-rise building design courses aim to provide status ts innovative knowledge about the latest industry-level software tools including REVIT, ETABS, Autocad, Tekla Structural Designer, STAAD.Pro, and Dlubal. By joining Project Management Civil Engineering programs, students can learn about the most innovative and scientific tools and technologies for building design purposes. 

Tenure of the course 

The tenure of the high-rise building design course is 48 weeks or 6 months. The courses are available online and are offered by leading industry experts to enhance the skills of learners.  

Detailed overview of the High-Rise Building Design courses 

  • The online program is a Post Graduate Program in High-Rise Building Design and Analysis. Students can study the principles of the most recent software tools for civil engineering, design, 2D/3D drafting, and analysis by enrolling in the courses.
  • The courses aim to enhance the learners’ skills in RCC building design and steel structure building design. 
  • The courses offer detailed learning about the civil engineering software used in tensile structures, composite structures, and water tanks.  
  • The course s offers meaningful knowledge about the different types of high-rise building structures and the physical and load characteristics of these structures mentioned in the Indian Standard (IS) Codes for construction purposes.

Details about the semesters

The programme offers 11 courses to learners and the course are divided into two semesters. 

Semester 1: In semester 1 of the online course, the fundamental principles and the designing software tools are discussed. Further, drafting and analysis of civil structures are also part of this semester. 

Semester 2: The analysis and design of different high-rise building structures are the primarily discussed parts of civil engineering in semester 2.  

Why join the online design program 

The online design program offers 

  • Expertise and efficient industry skills for modelling, analysis, and designing of high-rise constructions. Also enhances skills in composite, steel, tensile, and water-retaining structures.
  • Provides hands-on experience in construction software including Revit, Dynamo, Naviswork, AutoCAD, STAAD.Pro, ETABS and Safe, Dluba, Tekla Structural Designer, and RAM Staad Connections.
  • Enhanced skill development in civil construction and industry-related technical expertise. 
  • Placement chances in top MNCs in India. 
  • Job and higher-education opportunities in future. 

Job opportunities 

The following are the job opportunities which students can get by enrolling in the online High-Rise Building Design courses.

  • Site engineer 
  • BIM modeller 
  • Structural engineer 
  • Design Engineer 
  • Structural design engineer
  • Steel connection design engineer

Higher education opportunities 

Apart from attractive placement offers, the following are the job opportunities with online High-Rise Building Design courses.

  • Construction engineering
  • Infrastructure engineering and management 

Available courses 

In total students can enrol in 11 courses that are part of the online program. Some of the courses include 

  • Civil Engineering Fundamentals Module
  • AutoCAD Essentials for Civil Engineers
  • Drafting and Design Using Revit
  • Analysis and Design of High Rise Buildings using ETABS and Foundation Design using SAFE for Seismic Loads
  • Analysis and Design of Buildings using STAAD.Pro – A Professional Approach

Available industry projects 

There are 24 projects available according to the industry standards to provide a practical understanding of the large-scale industry. Some of the projects include:

  • Civil Engineering Fundamentals Module
  • AutoCAD Essentials for Civil Engineers
  • Analysis and Design of RCC & Steel Structures using Tekla Structural Designer
  • Design of Tanks by Finite Element Analysis
  • Structural Analysis and Design of Composite Structures using ETABS


So, whether you are looking for better learning opportunities or enhancing your industry skill in civil engineering, you can easily enlist yourself in these online programs. By joining these online learning programmes, you can start a career or change your current one for better placement opportunities.