An MBBS in Georgia : The Perfect Choice for Indian Students!

MBBS in Georgia is an upcoming destination for students pursuing the medical profession

from India. The primary reason being the fees which are quite affordable for international

Students despite of the universities being some of the most renowned in the world. There are many WHO-recognized medical universities in Georgia and pursuing a medical course in Georgia has its many advantages, as compared to many medical universities in Europe.

Studying for an MBBS degree at any MCI recognized college of any country will provide you

the same syllabus which is carried in medical colleges of India thereby providing you an opportunity to give your professional career a healthy start.

The only thing students need to focus on includes studies and solving the sample papers of

FMGE (a test conducted by MCI for foreign medical students). You may run into many

doctors who are practicing medicine in India after completing their MBBS from a foreign


Key factors that makes an MBBS in Georgia beneficial

1. Georgia is deemed as one of the safest countries in the world when it comes to pursuing

further studies. It is very unusual to come across any concerning news or activity that taken place in Georgia. Therefore, Georgia is a perfect destination for pursuing an MBBS in abroad for Indian students.

2. To start off, the language for communication in all MBBS universities is English. 90% of

the local people can speak English, hence you’re unlikely to face a language barrier during

the course of your MBBS in Georgia,2021. There is no need for you to pick up a different

language, which would be a requirement in some other countries.

3. When it comes to the Georgian population, 95% of them are Christians and it is very

evident that Georgia is a cosmopolitan country.

4. Five years duration option is available for MBBS in Georgia without NEET. So students who

wish to save one year can apply for MBBS universities offering a 5-year course duration as well.

5. Another reason for pursuing MBBS in Georgia for Indian students is the welcoming and

friendly nature of the people of Georgia.

6. Georgia, a very beautiful country, is near the Black Sea. The picturesque landscapes are

a sight to behold which makes the MBBS course even more relaxing and productive.

7. Given the extremities of the European climate, the temperatures vary from 23 degrees

Celsius to -7 degrees Celsius.

8. Another concern for Indian students living abroad is the food. You’d be surprised to know

that Indian food is available in all MBBS universities in Georgia.

9. Accommodation facilities include separate hostels for boys & girls. Atmia Education is the

only Indian Institute that has its own fully-equipped,fully-furnished, ultra-modern air-

conditioned hostels exclusively for the students of Atmia Education. In addition to this, there

is 24×7 security as we prioritize the safety of our students and understand the concerns of their parents.

10. Georgia is known for MBBS universities approved by MCI and WHO. In fact, the

Georgian National University SEU is officially recognized by NMC and WHO.

11. There are also several regulations and rules in place to ensure 100% ragging free MBBS universities.