4 Proven Ways to Crack the SSAT Test

Most private schools require students aged 5-12 to appear for the SSAT test. The test determines the readiness of a student to attend private schools. However, the scores attained on the test don’t make or break the application form; still, they are important in boosting a candidate’s portfolio along with grades, statements, and teachers’ recommendations. 

The test brings a lot of pressure on kids. However, this doesn’t have to be a nightmare, as there are solutions that can counteract the stress with the right approach. A student only must prepare, practice, and study the subjects that need more attention to perform their best on the test day. 

We have curated the most basic yet proven ways to crack the SSAT Test. But before we dive into how to interpret the test, let us first understand it. 

What is the SSAT Test?

SSAT stands for Secondary School Admission Test. The standardized test is conducted by most private schools worldwide to check the readiness of a student to attend private schools. 

The test is offered at three levels:

  1. Elementary (for students enrolled in Grades 3 or 4)
  2. Middle (for students enrolled in Grades 5 through 7)
  3. Upper (for students enrolled in Grades 8 through 11)

Four ways to crack the SSAT Test 

  • Take practice tests 

Practice tests are a great way to understand the test’s format, instructions, time constraints, and content. Moreover, you get familiarized with the test in advance. 

You need to duplicate time constraints and use something other than calculators to best assess your knowledge. This way, you can determine your strengths and weaknesses. And once you are familiarized with your shortcomings, it is crucial to focus on that subject matter. 

Several websites extend free SSAT Practice Tests and study aids. However, the official website for the SSAT test suggests that students should stick to the resources available on their official website. 

  1. The guide is free to download for the elementary level and offers a half-length practice test. 
  2. For the middle and upper levels, the guide comes with a starting price of $37. It offers two full-length practice tests. 

Note: Even when you don’t want to order guides, there is a range of other crucial information and practice tests available on the official website for the SSAT Test. 

  • Focus on your weaknesses

The proven formula to ace the test is focusing on the topic or the subjects you find yourself struggling with. 

For the quantitative section, you need to pay close attention to math classes. In addition, review and practice the topics which are mentioned in the official guide to come up in the test. 

The verbal section is interesting when learned through playing. You can make a game with analogies and synonyms. 

For the reading section, you need to engage in reading actively. Focus on drawing from diverse genres, and once you have finished, ask yourself questions about the read text. 

  • Stick to a study schedule

While keeping your current schoolwork in mind, establish the most realistic study schedule. Stay realistic with time expectations. Remember to set aside a small portion of time every day or on weekends to prepare and practice for the test. 

If you wish to improve your SSAT Test scores by 200 points, your study schedule should be like this:

  1. For the elementary level, study for 1-2 hours per week
  2. For middle and higher levels, you need to study for 3-4 hours per week

However, even if your scores are good, consider taking a few practice tests often to keep in touch with the process. 

  • Seek support from other preparatory resources

Be sure to scour the internet or print world for extra hands-on resources. While doing so, remember to check the authenticity of the source before dedicating it to use. In addition, you need to understand who has published the resources, for whom those resources are ideal, and are those resources helpful in getting the required results. 

Additionally, consider the usefulness of tutoring to get the proper support in time. The tutors are highly experienced and have valuable knowledge. So, don’t be afraid to ask a tutor for help. 


Preparing for the SSAT test doesn’t have to be a nightmare anymore. Knowing the format and switching between the content review and practice tests is a great way to ace the test. Also, remember that any standardized test scores only represent a part of you. There isn’t any need to hang it over yourself like a dark cloud.