Everything you need to know about CCNP 350-401 certifications before starting your preparation

This is the time to make your career in the IT industry. The majority of the people prefer CCNP 350-401. It increases ease to get high-salary job. There is a great demand for this certification across the globe. It consists of 75 multiple choice questions and the duration of the exam is 120 minutes. Candidates need to gain 76% for passing the exam. This exam is available in Japanese and English language. You can visit the webpage for more information.

Exam Topics

  1. CCNP Eloqua and CCNP Content Marketing Cloud Service Product Overview
  2. Provide an overview of Insight reporting and how it enables marketing to demonstrate the value of their activities
  3. Explain how information created by marketing can be shared with sales
  4. Describe how Eloqua AppCloud works and be familiar with the types of cloud connector components available
  5. Describe the Eloqua social components, how they work and how they differentiate Eloqua from other solutions
  6. Describe the features of CCNP Eloqua and the value of these features to marketing and sales
  7. Provide an overview of how Eloqua fits into the wider solution and point of integration
  8. CCNP Eloqua and CCNP Content Marketing Cloud Service System Architecture
  9. Initial Configuration
  10. Automation: Lead Nurturing
  11. CRM Integration
  12. Automation: Lead Scoring and Data Tools
  13. Integrating with Third Party Systems
  14. Closed-Loop Reporting
  15. Sales Enablement Tools
  16. Advanced Reporting
  17. Event Module
  18. System Administration
  19. Customer Culture

Where to find help?

A variety of resources are available on net and market as well. There are many steps which provide help in geometry.

  1. Practical work should be revised as much as could be.
  2. Key points, main features, and formulas should be learnt and practiced up many times.
  3. Solving sample problems may assist in the solution of various exercise problems.
  4. To enhance the skills, practice is most important rule.

Online help

Online learning is another blessing which offers much solution to the problems. Websites are there to solve the problems and provide the proper help in only geometry but in other subjects too.


Assessment questions and there exercises are for practice. These resources provide strength to the weaknesses of the candidates. These websites and available resources are perfect for CCNP help, there are variety of positive arguments for its favor such as

  • Expert and professional persons are there to help the student in their task and clear the missing point in their minds.
  • Practical construction is done for them to understand the key points.
  • Difficult formulas are made easier for them and they are motivated to learn then.
  • Internet is the best source to increase the skills and provides authentic assistance.
  • Motivation is the first preference here, which is require for best results.
  • Activates the student to solve geometrical problems independently and solve their task more interesting.
  • Provides them aim to raise the score in exams.
  • Make them efficient and eager towards studies.

The efforts of skilled and trained person can never be ignored , so it’s really true that a student can take perfect help from here.

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