Video Presentations for Online Courses 

With advancements and the formation of a digital world, no profession is limited to conventional methods. The same goes for our education sector too. With the better flexibility, convenience, and comfort provided, educators create online courses for students to grow in their teaching field. To make online courses successful, teachers have to work on different elements and components. The main one is the formation of the right study tools. One of the best multimedia tools for effective online teaching and learning is a video presentation. Let us read about this in detail. 

What is a video presentation? 

A video presentation is a collection of slides containing the relevant pictures, and information, with a narration or audio for a limited time duration. It is played sequentially from the starting slide to the end.  It is one of the most effective multimedia tools that can be used to make online courses successful. They can take up different formats. You can make video presentations on all academic subjects, and lessons and can also make promotional videos, marketing videos, tutorials on how to access your study material, and more such topics.

 A widely and most effective platform to make video presentations is Microsoft PowerPoint. Online course creators can research well, and watch a few YouTube videos on how to make a video presentation on PowerPoint. With a basic technical understanding, online educators can make video presentations. From smartphones to computers, any networking device is suitable to make and store it respectively. 

Benefits of video presentations 

A picture plays an important role in learning but a video is even more important as it makes everything very clear to the learners. There are some of the benefits of video presentations given below:

Adds to the lecture quality 

Teachers can use video presentations in the class to explain the theoretical and applicative course subjects properly. By using the audio and visual tools, with personal touch and opinions, teachers can provide students with a proper academic understanding. This adds to the quality of live online lectures. 

Helps to make an effective study material for online learners 

Online courses are said to be successful when they provide learners with effective study material and a self-paced learning experience. Only reading PDFs, and ebooks are not enough to provide students with a better self-study journey. However, when video presentations are added to it, learning becomes much more effective. The perfect blend of videos, and texts with audio, provides students with proper explanations of the lessons. This helps you to study well, come for the classes prepared and do well in exams too. 

Persuasive in nature 

Making students understand, relate or believe in a particular theory, case study, or experiment via textbook material is not easy. This problem is solved by making video presentations. These multimedia tools help to persuade the target audience better. The audio-visual design helps teachers to bring the explanations, storytelling, sounds, and ideas together, mix them and persuade learners well. Students’ attention and concentration power are also boosted this way. 

How to make effective video presentations 

1. Keep it short and simple 

A video presentation of a huge number of slides becomes of lengthy duration. Anything detailed and lengthy becomes less engaging for students. They tend to feel bored and less interested. Therefore, teachers should keep the video presentations short. Include a maximum of ten to fifteen slides. Add written information in short pointers only. Don’t add complex vocabulary words and fancy English. Keep it as simple and understandable as possible.  The optimal duration of your video presentations should be 4 to a maximum of 7 minutes.

2. Add engaging elements to it 

To enrich the teaching and learning experience, the online course builder should make video presentations. To make it more effective, don’t forget to add engaging elements to it. For example for making a video presentation teaching yoga, you can add a calm or a chanting music tone. Add infographics for applicative videos. Choose an eye-catching color palette, and font style to make your videos shine out. 

3. Include quizzes in the last 

For teaching a topic effectively, along with explanations,  seeing how much students understood and gained is equally important. To do so, teachers must include a quiz or any other form of the practice exercise in the last slide. This will make students apply what they have learned in the session. In online live classes, this will enhance students’ participation. Teachers will get an idea about how much students know and what more can be done for improvement. Students get instant feedback from the teachers. 


For effective online course selling and teaching, video presentations can be made on all course topics. From course design, promotion, and marketing to study material, video presentations can be formed. We discussed its benefits in detail. By following the above-mentioned tips, online educators can make effective video presentations using suitable applications like Microsoft PowerPoint.