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The richest YouTubers of 2022

YouTube is a social media platform that does not require any introduction. The biggest YouTubers are mostly celebrities and household names. Their only source of income is earned from YouTube, and they are making millionaires. The more viewers the more money will be.  Ever wondered how much they earn from their content on YouTube? Well, in this article, we have summed up a list of the top 10 YouTubers, ranked on the basis of the fact that they should be full-time YouTubers. Let’s have a look at the list. You can read the exact net worth of more stars easily by searching on Google too. 

1-Jeffree Star

Jeffree Star started uploading content on Myspace about makeup, lifestyle, and modeling jobs. He got innumerable followers and comments on his posts. He joined YouTube in 2009 in order to promote his music career.   In 2014, he went bankrupt as his music career was not going well. When he invested his savings in Jeffree Star Cosmetics and promoted his brand through YouTube. He now earns $100 million a year. He has 16.5 million subscribers and his current net worth is around 2.4 billion. 

2-Ryan’s World

Ryan’s world joined the board in 2015. It is a toy review channel. Her mother quit her job and worked on this channel full-time. Initially, the channel’s name was Ryan ToysReview. His family also happened to change their surname from Guan to his on-screen name, Kaji. they own 9 channels which include toy reviews and DIY science experiments. They have channels in Spanish and Japanese. Moreover, they have a clothing line and a toys line which is also known as Ryan’s World. Their current subscribers are 45 million and their current net worth is 61.3 billion. 


PewDiePie started by commenting on video games. He got famous in no time. He played games while commenting on his experiences and showing his hilarious reactions. He was into games from a very young age. He graduated from high school in 2008. He dropped out of Chalmers University of Technology in 2011 because of his lack of interest in studies. The beginning was not easy. He did meager work to make his ends meet. By the end of 2012, he had 5 million subscribers. Currently, he is the third-most subscribed YouTuber. His current subscribers are  109 million. His net worth is around 27 billion. 


Markiplier is a mix between Mark and Multiplier. He joined YouTube in 2012 and started doing sketch comedy where he would play every character in the sketch.  YouTube banned his Adsense account and he created a new one called markiplierGAME, later that year. His channel has 28.8 million subscribers. His current net worth is 15.4 billion. 


DanTDM played Pokemon and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive under PokemonDanlvl45 in 2009. He initiated his main channel, TheDiamondMinecart, in 2012. The niche of his channel was Minecraft. In 2016, he changed the name of his channel to DanTDM. He wrote the bestseller Trayaurus and Enchanted Crystal. He also starred in a web series called DanTDM Creates Big Scene. His channel has 29.3 million subscribers. 

6-Rhett and Link

Rhett and Link are childhood school friends and the founders of their popular YouTube channel, Good Mythical Morning. Both of them studied civil and industrial engineering at North Carolina State University. Rhett and Link also made videos and comic sketches for an organisation called Cru. They currently run 5 YouTube channels and introduced the Smosh brand in 2019. Their current net worth is around $32 million. 

7-Dude Perfect

Dude Perfect refers to a group of former college roommates. They were students at Texas and A&M. The niche of their content was stunts and trick shots. This group joined YouTube in 2009. Their first video scored almost 18 million views. After their video went viral. ESPN reached them out. Their various videos started to appear on ESPN shows. The group got huge fame and money through collaborations and endorsements from various professional leagues. This channel has 57.5 million subscribers. Its current net worth is around $30 million. 


Vanoss Gaming is famously known as a music producer, video game commentator, and DJ. He studied economics and founded his YouTube Channel in 2011. His channel had over 10 million subscribers in 2015. VanossGaming produces music as Rynx. His first album, In Pieces, was released in October 2019. He worked as a voiceover actor for the YouTube Premium series Paranormal Action Squad and some other animated series. The channel’s current net worth is around $25 million. 


The founder of this channel just went to high school and never joined the college route. He put his focus on competing in Halo 3 professionally and steaming. He played for Cloud9, Team Liquid, Renegades, and Luminosity Gaming. 

Ninja had 2 million followers by 2018. His current net worth is around $25 million. 

10-James Charles

James Charles graduated from high school in 2017. When he was bullied in school but he bravely put up with them. He initiated makeup after helping his friend do hers for a dance at school. They realised his talent and trained him on how to do it and became a professional in no time. They made his own makeup channel on YouTube in 2016. Became the first male ambassador for CoverGirl. By 2019, his channel garnered over 10 million subscribers on YouTube and on Instagram, too. His net worth is around $12 million. In the end, we will also suggest you visit relation advisors to know some more exciting stuff online.