10 Google Chrome Apps That Will Increase Your Productivity

With the emergence of technological use in education, more and more applications have been developed which help you in your educational journey. There are numerous applications that you could find online on Google Play, and the App store. These applications will help you increase your productivity and you will study more effectively and efficiently.

There are numerous applications that you can use for your productivity. Some applications are there to keep you focused, while some help with the management of your work. Nonetheless, these are of great help given the right use. However, never let yourself be overwhelmed by these applications, and only use the ones which are productive and user-friendly. However, if you are struggling with your assignments, classes, exams, courses, or dissertation, you can get expert help from our Hire Online Class Help who will make sure that you perform up to the mark in your assignments.

10 Apps That Will Increase Your Productivity

Numerous apps will help you increase your productivity. These will allow you to focus better, manage your time and avoid distractions.


Doing work online on laptops is full of distractions and many times you may want to scroll through your social media applications. It will keep you from completing your tasks and you will end up enegy drained by using the apps. Therefore, Motion apps allow you to block all the distracting sites and stories without any trouble and without having to check your notifications. The motion will allow blocking all including Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, removing the temptation to use them. Also, It’s customizable, which allows you to block certain pages at set times.


It is most loved by students among the productivity apps in the world. Also, It brings together important functionality and a wonderful design. It keeps you focused on your studies. You plant a tree in your app whenever you wish to start your study. The tree would grow from a seed to a tree in the time that you decide. Thus, this app keeps you focused with a creative approach and enables you to complete your studies on time.

Oxford English Dictionary      

The online dictionary is one of the best things out there for students. Not too late when people used to shuffle pages to find out the meaning of a word. Now, it is so much easier, all you have to do is to type the word, and there comes the meaning, explanation, and even the origin and usage of the word. It can’t be better than this. Also, these dictionaries bring a new word every day to increase your knowledge.

Google Drive

It is the most efficient way to store and share documents among students. Also, It allows up to 15 gb of storage per Google drive.  Similarly, It connects with your Gmail and allows you to save your documents and important data which would otherwise be deleted. It is recommended that you use google drive for your education purpose and keeps it separate from your other personal documents. You can have free access which is more than enough for a student.


If you are a student of maths or you have a lot of maths to do in your field of education then the Mathway app is for you. It is one of the best student apps. Not only does it help you solve problems but also in understanding how you get to the solution. Thus, just type your problem into the app (or upload a picture of it) and Mathway will solve it for you. Similarly, it will provide you with a detailed step-by-step guide to help you understand the solution for similar equations in the future. This app is free and rewarding. Also, it will feel like you are having a real tutor who answers your questions instantly. So, say goodbye to your worries and download the Mathway app.


No productivity discussion can be completed without the use of Evernote. It is one of the best note-taking apps and works great across devices. It is a powerful note-taking app that has a wide array of features that will allow you to make the most of your university learning. Also, with the basic features of a digital notebook, Evernote allows you to retrieve text from images, make to-do lists, scan physical documents, and save web articles and PDFs. It is such a brilliant app to choose for your productivity.


It is one of the best planner apps for students that works across all your devices. Similarly, it tracks your productivity and lets you organize every aspect of your life.  So, why wait, it is a great app for your productivity. Also, Todoist is a task management tool that has tasks, projects, comments, attachments, and more, that allow you to streamline your productivity and complete your work more effectively.

Cold Turkey

Cold Turkey is one of the most recommended applications for a writer. It blocks the websites for you and allows you to study distraction-free.  Just download this app and stay focused on your studies. It blocks all websites including games, and applications to increase your productivity.

Google Sheets

Google Sheets will allow you to create a timetable and keep your life simple. It is simple and affordable.

You can create a timetable for yourself. Some of  the suggestions are here:

  • break down days for each subject and divide the period.
  • keep a few off days to relax
  • do not create a very short timetable


Every day is one of the most simple habit-tracking apps which is available across all platforms.  You can perform all the actions on the app’s simple visual interface. It displays your habits on the left and a timeline that proceeds to the right to the current day. The purpose of the app is to keep you consistent. When a habit is completed you mark it.


All of the above-mentioned apps are great for your productivity, they keeps you focused, and consistent and remove your distractions. Therefore, choose your best apps they will never let you down. Some of these apps allow you to create timetables, track your progress, and keep you consistent all the time. However, if you are struggling with your exams or online classes then you can just ask for Online Class Help and we will provide you with one.