Watch Winders

Sometimes when purchasing a watch you may need to consider whether you may or may not need a watch winder. Don’t stress, we supply plenty of watch winders from many brands at House of Watches for you to purchase for your watch.

Having a watch winder is a brilliant investment, especially if you have a collection of watches. Some of those watch you may not wear regularly and these timepieces may unfortunately lose battery over time. This is where a watch winder comes in handy and why it’s always an important addition to any watch collection.

A complex device, a watch winder has been created with the purpose of keeping automatic watches running when not being worn. The automatic watch movement uses a rotor inside the watch which will oscillate freely. Every time the wrist is moved, the rotor spins and that spinning motion is then transformed into energy that will wind the mainspring automatically.

There are many bonuses when using a watch winder. Using a watch winder can help with the overall longevity of the watch movement due to the oils found within the actual movement continually being dispersed around the mechanisms. Having a watch winder stops the dilemma of your watch stopping and having to begin the process of manually winding your watch. Finally, those who collect watches will have no worry about their watches that aren’t currently being worn.

As we have explained exactly how an automatic watch works, this will make it easier to explain how a watch winder will work and why it’s a brilliant addition to a watch collector. Essentially, a watch winder recreates the same motion a wrist would to keep your watch wound whilst it is not being worn.

When the watch isn’t being worn it should be placed into the watch winder. Once it has been carefully secured, correctly adjust the winders controls following the instructions. Once this has been done the watch winder can be turned on. The watch winder will begin to mimic the movements and motions associated with the wrist before pausing. Once the wearer decides to wear that watch again it can be removed from the winder and be worn as though it’s never left the wrists.

Find reassurance that a watch winder will not hurt your watch, if anything it will help keep the mechanics moving whilst also allowing for those periods where your wrist may not be moving. If you’re not sure whether you need a watch winder, it’s worth considering how many mechanical watches you own and how often you wear them. If there are times where you find yourself having to manually wind your watch on more than one occasion, then purchasing a watch winder would probably be a good move for you.

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