Things You Must Know To Place An Order For Prescription Glasses Online 

What do you do after you get to know that you require eyesight correction? Your first course of action should be to start using a pair of prescription glasses. When you go to buy a pair of prescription glasses, there are certain things that need to be taken into consideration.

You have the option of buying a pair either from a brick-and-mortar based retail store or an e-commerce site selling prescription glasses over the internet. Buying online glasses – both prescription and non-prescription is a hassle-free process and comes with a range of benefits. Read on to know about the process of buying prescription glasses online in detail.

Finding Out Your Prescription

If you are not aware of your prescription, you must get your eyes tested. When you head over the internet, you will come across many sites where you have the option of booking an eye test with them. There are also some that provide the service of free eye tests, and hence, you need to look out for these.

By opting for a free eye test, you can make amazing savings. You don’t have to worry about the quality of these eye tests as they are performed by expert optometrists and also state-of-the-art equipment is used, which helps you understand the overall health of your eyes.

Also, it is important to understand that regular eye tests is a healthy practice as it can detect many health conditions at the early stage and the need for intervention if any.

Selecting Your Pair

Once you know your prescription, it is now time for you to head over to the internet to look for an ideal pair of prescription glasses for yourself.

There are amazing benefits of buying prescription glasses online. You can avail these from the comfort of your homes, and in the process, enjoy a super convenient shopping experience. You should also know about same day prescription glasses, which are dispatched within 24 hours after you have placed the order. Here are a few things to remember!

  • It’s recommended that you check out the collection over multiple sites for a perfect match. Every site will have something unique to offer and by visiting multiple sites, you will not only find the best suited style but also those at best prices.
  • There is a plethora of varieties of prescription glasses available over the digital medium. Here, things such as a search box and the facilitative feature of sort & filter will help you arrive at your requirements in a quick time. You can narrow down your viewing options to what you are specifically interested in by using the above-mentioned features.
  • To know about the product in detail, the product descriptions and specifications provided for each product listed on these sites are what you should be reading.
  • If you want to know how a particular frame will look on you and also check the fit, the try on at home feature is just for you. You have the option of trying on multiple pairs in a single home trial and the best part is that this feature is absolutely free.
  • When you have finalised the frame of your choice, it’s now time for you to move ahead with the lens selection as per your requirements. While selecting your lenses, you should look to avoid added costs as you will come across the option of free single vision lenses at some sites, and if your requirement is varifocals, you will need to pay extra for them as these lenses are advanced in nature.
  • During the lens selection step, you will also be provided with the option of various coatings such as anti-glare, blue light, and sunglasses, among others. So choose from them as per your requirements. At some sites, you are also given the option to select thin and ultra-thin lenses, apart from the basic ones.
  • If all that you need is replacement of your lenses, reglaze glasses service is what you should opt for. This is also an affordable option as you need not spend as much as what is required for a new pair of glasses.

Placing Your Order

You will probably find a perfect pair of prescription glasses over the internet that suits your needs. After you are done with adding them to the cart, you can proceed with placing the order. Enter your delivery address and select the payment method and finalise the order by making the payment.

Your order will now be delivered

Once you have placed your order, you gotta sit back and relax as your orders will now be delivered to your doorsteps within a quick time.

In case your requirement is urgent, you should head over to the sites that provide the service of same-day glasses. By using speed and efficiency, some e-commerce sites provide same day glasses, which are dispatched within 24 hours after you have placed the order.


Every site selling prescription glasses online provides a comfortable timeframe within which you can return the product. In case you are not satisfied with your prescription glasses for whatsoever reason, you can return them within the given time duration.