Virginia workers’ compensation claim: Need for medical documentation

Getting injured at work comes with consequences. The workers’ compensation system in Virginia is there to help you come out of the financial mess triggered by a workplace accident. As the claimant, you are required to present the necessary details to prove your workers’ compensation claim, and for that, medical documentation is probably the most critical aspect. Once you get injured and see a doctor, you need to ask for two key things – an accident description and a work note. You also need to consider consulting a Virginia workers’ comp attorney to understand the worth of your claim. In this post, we are discussing more about essential medical documentation. 

Description of the Accident

Because the injury happened at work, you need to ensure that the accident is properly documented by your workers’ comp doctor. When you visit the doctor immediately after the accident, you need to take your time to describe the accident. The idea is to ensure that all necessary details are known to the doctor and nothing is left to the imagination. 

For instance, if you tell the doctor that you got injured as you slipped on the floor, there is not much information for the doctor to mention. On the contrary, you can share a more detailed description, such as the accident that happened on a wet floor, but there was no sign around, and you slipped as you were trying to make your way. 

Status Work Note

The work status note is also known as the disability slip, which determines what they can or cannot do following the accident, depending on the nature of your injury. Your treating doctor is the only person who can write and mention necessary details on the status note. Generally, work status notes can be classified into two categories – 

  • Out of Work: This means that you are entirely out of work and cannot be forced by your employer to work from home or help your co-workers. 
  • Light Duty: In some cases, the doctor may offer a Light Duty note, which basically specializes in the things that you can or cannot do. For instance, your note may say that you are not allowed to lift heavy weights. 

Keep in mind that your workers’ compensation benefits are paid by the insurance company, and these would want the documents listed above. Talk to your attorney in detail to know what you can possibly do to protect your rights and benefits. 

The good news is that most workers in Virginia are paid. Employee compensation is a flawless system, so you don’t have to prove that your employer (or the other party) is negligent in dealing with work-related injuries or illnesses, but rather to provide them with money. However, there are some requirements that you must meet and various steps will be taken to improve your skills.

If you have a work injury or work-related illness or health condition, contact your Reinhardt Virginia Workers’ Compensation Lawyers. Harper | Davis, who has more than 100 years of experience and has been proven successful, including compensation for four of Virginia’s biggest workers – is what our team needs to do to take you to trial.

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