5 Reasons You Need Subtitling Services

Every day, people around the world spend 84 minutes on average consuming video content, and more and more people are watching content this way with each passing year. You want more people to engage with and enjoy your work as a content creator. So, have you ever considered that subtitles might be the service you need? If you want to improve your content’s accessibility, here are 5 reasons you need subtitling services.

Reach More People

Unfortunately, not everyone speaks the same language as you do, and in 2022 with the internet and social media, your content could easily reach every country worldwide. However, if you are not using subtitles, there is a high likelihood that most people from other countries won’t understand your content. By using subtitles, you are increasing your reach and expanding your audience since more people will be able to understand and engage with what you are creating.

Not Everyone Can Hear

Accessibility is necessary. Another fundamental reason you should consider using subtitling services is that not everyone can hear. Unfortunately, around 34 million children and about 432 million adults worldwide suffer from hearing loss, which is an estimated 5% of the world’s population. If you are not using subtitles, your content will not be available to a large portion of your potential audience.

Increase Understanding for Everyone

One thing you should understand about content and learning is that everyone comprehends and interprets things differently depending on how the content is presented. Some people understand the content better when they can read it, so ensuring you have subtitles will make it accessible to those people. In addition, not everyone has heard a lot of technical jargon or brand names, so without subtitles, they might not catch all of the terms being said. Most importantly, some accents are difficult to understand, so including subtitles will make the viewing experience easier for many global viewers.

It’s What People Want

Above all, you should invest in subtitling services for your content because it is what people want. Did you know that when people are in public without headphones or earphones, 69% of people watch without sound? Without subtitles, viewers won’t be able to understand the content or will skip it. More importantly, 80% of Netflix users enable subtitles on the platform, and 80% of viewers of UK TV use subtitles. It is also worth noting that if you target a younger audience, they are X4 more likely to use subtitles than older viewers. This makes subtitles on social media especially essential.

Important for SEO

Finally, you should consider using subtitling services simply because it’s important for SEO. Since subtitles reach a wider audience, you will gain more viewers and increase traffic. Subtitles also increase viewer retention, and this lowers the bounce rate. More importantly, Google will check if your content uses subtitles and include any mention of keywords within this text, which will help you rank higher