Top 5 Guidelines About Story & Reel on Instagram

By now you would have a better idea that how many reels and stories are important for your business to grow on Instagram. Although the length of reels and stories is short they play a vital role to boost a marketing strategy. Reels and stories grab the attention of users easily and they visit your feed post to check more content. Although stories were there before reels came and expand everywhere. They become popular in small time and several influencers and brands adopt them to increase their reach. You would be surprised to know that you can compete with your competitors by working on creating unique and engaging reels. Some users look for other strategies to make their reels work longer and buy Instagram auto likes to attract more users.

Similarly to stand out from the crowd of billion people stories will work great. People love to try new products and look for new trends. By watching your story they’ll divert towards your feed and will take more interest in your products. Most of the users visit your website after watching your products from your stories. That’s the reality most businesses advertise their products either on reels or stories on Instagram and can get more reach than any other resource.

Keep on reading to know about different tactics and guidelines you can apply to your reels and stories.

How to Use Instagram Stories and Reels?

Instagram stories are short than reels and they disappear after 24 hours but throw a great impact on your followers. You can advertise your products in your stories, and collaborate with influencers and other users to share your posts or products on their feeds to get more views. Even if you are going to exhibit an event you can tell the starting date or the release date of your product in your stories. To keep your audience engaged and they’ll interact with you until the product is released. You can create polls in stories, and ask your followers about product reviews. Stories are present on top of the Instagram app and you can easily make them by clicking on the plus symbol. Add filters, emojis, attractive stickers, and other features to keep your stories engaging and attractive.

The best part of reels is that they are currently favored by the Instagram algorithm and they don’t disappear like stories. They’ll remain on your feed for as long as you want them to be there. Instagram will recommend your reels to those users who don’t even follow you and that is great for social marketers. You can add unique editing, captions, stickers, and interactive background to your reels.

1.       Reels and Stories Grow Your Business

Although reels are popular these days on Instagram and preferred by the Instagram algorithm stories are also vital to growing your business. You can define your brand’s visual identity through these short videos. Ask the users with a high number of followers list to share your products or if you are an influencer communicate with a brand. Provide tutorials in reels or you can notify your followers to watch your feed posts and increase engagement. Stories are a great way to keep users engage while reels are best to get more traffic. Both are great elements for the growth of business on Instagram.

2.       Make Quick Reels and Stories to Keep Attention

Most social media users look for videos that are short in length and keep them entertained. That’s the reason Instagram reels and stories are more popular than feed posts. You can create videos that are related to your followers and share them in your stories by posting stickers or other amazing features on them to attract your followers to the reel. Try to convey your message at the start of the video because the user will lose attention after a short time. Videos that are consistent and unique will result in getting more views as they’ll keep on watching your video.

3.       Add CTA in Stories and Links in Reels

For good marketing creativity, you can buy Instagram comments and add a call to action button in your Instagram stories. Every visitor will swipe up to your story and will redirect toward your website. This will help you to get more visitors to your website and probably more potential buyers. If you are posting any tutorial or how-to video in your reel, you can add details of the product in the caption and also link to your website. This will be easy for the users to go to your website and buy products. Redirecting your Instagram followers toward your website is a great way to increase sales and hence market your brand.

4.       Schedule Stories and Reels

For better revenue and good traffic, it’s better to keep your audience engaged and post at consistent times. You need to analyze the time at which your followers are more attractive and then post at that time. But for an individual, it becomes difficult to manage all this. You can post videos or photos at a specific time for a day or two, then you’ll forget. It’s better to use tools to schedule your reels and stories, you just need to enter your post and adjust the time and date according to your need. That’s it and your videos will start posting at that specific time.

5.       Post Short and Relevant Reels and Stories

The length of stories is short and you can’t post videos more than that length but for reels, you can post a little longer videos. But there isn’t any advantage to posting long videos because your followers will not engage with your videos for longer and lose their attention. There is another thing that you need to consider you need to analyze the type of people that attract to your content and then create content according to them.


Instagram reels and stories are short in size but they come with great benefits. You can boost your business by creating small and unique videos for your reels. While stories are great ways to notify your customers about new releases and products. You can boost your marketing strategies with these short and engaging ways.