Things to Consider Before Moving Your Business to a New Property

Moving your business to a new property can be a smooth operation, but only if you consider many things before the move. The following list can serve as a guideline for all the things you have to consider for an efficient move. 

Make a plan

The moment you find the right property is the moment you start making a plan. You won’t know how big of a task this is until you start writing things down. You have to end your lease, pack everything, hire the right help, coordinate with the tech team and also include additional time into your plan. Things tend to deviate even from the best plans, so account that into your plan too. 

Write a to-do list

A to-do list is a result of making a plan. Once you start writing down everything that needs to be done in preparation for the actual moving, you’ll end up with a list of tasks that should be done. A To-do list inevitably creates a schedule for each one of the tasks, become you should never plan a move without a concise timeline. Not to mention that these tasks will force you to plan ahead. 

Appoint people in charge of the operation

To ensure everything runs smoothly, appoint a team of people in charge of the operation. You can have an in-office moving team that will be in charge of people, and individual tasks like packing up personal belongings from a desk, etc. Each person can be in charge of their team and a list of tasks that are easy to do.  

Make a list of your inventory

An in-office moving team can be in charge of making a list of inventory. Especially if you have a lot of furniture, you need to make a list of inventory. This will be of immense help when you need to set up new offices and avoid any mixups. You can also take photos of your current office setup, so you won’t forget how things are usually organised. This can be particularly helpful if you plan on disassembling furniture for an easier move. 

Hire a moving company

Finding the right moving company should be high on your to-do list. Since you’ll need to take many things into account before you hire the right office removals team, start looking for quotes as soon as you lease your new property. You need an experienced team that will ensure the move is efficient and professional. 

Set up a timeline

A concise timeline is a necessity because it ensures things go according to plan. Set up a timeline, from packing up the office, and moving the furniture to assembling the new office again to a tech team setting up the internet and the infrastructure. Communicate your timeline with your team, so everyone knows when to pack their things and maybe even plan to work from home for a day or two until everything is set up. 

Pack and label everything

Prepare yourself mentally for a lot of boxes, desks, chairs, etc, which all have to be moved to a new office. That’s why you should pack everything carefully and use proper labels, so each person can get the chair and desk they used at the previous office. 

Plan for the new purchases

Since each office space is different, you’ll have to make some changes. Some things won’t be able to fit into your new space, or there’ll be space for new objects. Either way, plan for new purchases, especially those whose absence can affect productivity and general satisfaction at work. 

Coordinate the move with a tech team

Your tech team is as important as the moving team because everything has to be set up properly. Don’t forget to coordinate every aspect of the move with a tech team so they’ll know how much time it will take for them to set up everything. They can even start setting up workstations before the move is even finalised. 


Firstly, expect that there will be some issues, and adjust your plans accordingly. Maybe the tech team will have some issues setting up the internet, so your people might have to work remotely for a few days. Secondly, don’t forget to update your address everywhere, so that people can reach you at the new address with ease.