6 Side Hustles With the Most Profit

Side hustles are a good option when looking to get extra income for various purposes. The purposes can range from saving money to buy a house, paying debts owned, etc. The concept of having an extra source of income other than the primary job has existed for a while.

However, with the widespread adoption of computing and internet technologies, side hustles have become more popular over the years. This can be attributed to many reasons, such as ease of distributed working over the internet, rise in global food prices, etc.

In the USA, the average annual salary required to live well is $67,690. This figure varies based on the state one lives in. A study carried out by the National Bureau of Labor Statistics discovered that the average annual salary of citizens in the USA was $56,310 in 2020.

These figures depict a discrepancy between the income of citizens and the average annual salary required to live a good life in the USA. To cover up this difference, you can get a side hustle.

In this day and age, getting a side hustle is easy due to the wide variety of options available. In this article, we will look at the most profitable side hustles.

1.Online Reselling

E-commerce is the buying and selling of products or services via electronic means. Currently, there are numerous e-commerce platforms that people can use to sell their products. You can create an account and post products to sell on the available e-commerce platforms.

Online reselling is a side hustle option that does not require a lot of maintenance or work effort. The only thing this side hustle requires is capital to buy stock. You can choose to sell many products via e-commerce platforms. These can range from children’s wear, house lighting appliances, jewelry, sneakers, etc.

A challenge that people often get in e-commerce is sourcing stock. Many sites, especially sneaker selling sites have set up buying limits for clients. To bypass the set limits, you can use sneaker proxies.

The sneaker proxies mask your IP address. This helps ensure that the company sites for selling sneakers cannot impose a buying limit on you. The use of sneaker proxies creates the difference between an online shop with five sneakers in stock and one with unlimited stock.

2.Machine Learning Annotation

Technological advancements in this generation have created many new jobs. Machine learning or artificial intelligence annotation jobs are one of those jobs.

Annotating jobs entail labeling data in videos, images, or texts. Data annotation jobs are integral to the research and development of machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms. The number of data annotations required in the job market is increasing fast due to the increased need. 

Part-time data annotation jobs can fetch from $2 per hour to $15 depending on the employer and the amount of work done.

3.Teaching Online Courses

The e-learning industry has significantly grown over the past five years. Numerous e-learning platforms have come up, offering people a chance to learn new courses and skills at the comfort of their homes.

The e-learning platforms have created a new opportunity for various professionals to make extra money. As a side hustle, you can design and start a course of your choice on the various available platforms. 

The course can be a professional course or offer life skills. As a professional working a primary job, you can design a course to teach the fundamentals of your job. This is a good option for having an extra source of income.

The e-learning platforms will pay you based on the number of people who enroll in your course. 


Digital media has kicked traditional media to the curb in this generation. You can take advantage of this and design a personal blog. The blog can be about any topic. The blog can be a love and relationships blog, an entertainment blog, an automotive blog, etc.

Blogging is among the easy side hustles that are available This is because it requires a Wi-Fi connection, laptop, and passion for your topic only. As a blogger, you make money through advertising for various sponsors on your blog or by monetization through external ad platforms.

Blogging can also help to improve your primary career. Through blogging, your employers can see how you perceive various situations. If their perception of you is pleasing, they can opt to give you a promotion. 

5.Participating in Online Surveys

In this modern era, data is a valuable asset for every business or organization. Due to this, various businesses reach out to survey companies to seek human input or opinions on various things.

This is often done through the use of online surveys. By enrolling in the survey companies, they will send you surveys that offer pay after completion. The surveys are often targeted to specific groups of people. Due to this, the survey platforms will seek more information about you. This will help the platform to categorize you into your specific category.

On Branded surveys, the online surveys can pay up to $5 per survey. Online surveys are an easy way to make cash online because they do not require any capital.

6.Online Proofreading

This side hustle is for the few who always notice the tiniest grammatical errors in articles and documents. Online proofreading entails going through articles, documents, or books to correct grammatical errors before posting or publishing. 

The demand for online proofreaders is rising as more digital content is produced. Depending on the proofreading task you get, you can make $20 or as much as a couple of hundreds of dollars.

Proofreaders mostly take up freelance tasks from the available freelance sites. 


When choosing a side hustle, it is vital to consider your interests and passion. Choosing a side hustle based on the pay only can end up tragically causing burnouts.

A benefit of side hustles is the fact that they offer one an opportunity to practice or put to test various business ideas. While working on the side hustle, you can opt to advance and make the side hustle your primary source of income.