The Benefits of Going to Farmers Markets

Farmers markets are an excellent way to get in touch with your local community, support local farmers and eat healthy fresh produce all at the same time. One of the best parts about them? They’re popping up all over the country! You can find one just about anywhere there’s abundant sunshine and access to a steady stream of customers. 

Forget about those Instagram and Facebook filtered photos showing you rows of perfect apples or green peppers. Real life isn’t like that, and you’ll get so much more from visiting a farmers market than you could ever expect. Here are five good reasons you should try it out:

It’s a great way to support your local farmers

One of the best parts about Farmers’ markets is that they’re a great way to support local farmers. That means you’ll be able to eat healthy and help your community at the same time!

You can eat healthy, fresh produce all day long

If you’re looking to eat healthier, this is a perfect place to start. Instead of picking out the perfect apple at your grocery store and eating it in a day or two (not to mention wasting money), you can get a whole basket of fresh fruit while visiting farmers markets. 

You’ll also be supporting local farmers, helping them keep their business afloat by spending your money on their goods.

It’s a chance for you and your community to meet each other

At a farmers market, you’ll have a chance to meet the local farmers and talk to them about their farming practices. You might be lucky enough to land your next meal from these folks! 

One of the great things about farmers markets is that it can be an opportunity for you to meet other people in your community and get involved in what’s going on in your area.

It provides a sense of being part of something bigger

When you visit farmers markets, you’ll feel like you are part of a bigger community. You’ll meet other people who share your passion for fresh food, and you might find new friends or partners in your local food movement. Farmers markets provide an opportunity for producers to share their products with the public and create a sense of belonging and community.

There’s no food like it! Fresh is so much better than anything out of a can, jar or box you can buy at the store.

Farmers take pride in what they sell, and you can taste that pride. It’s hard to purchase food from a farmer who doesn’t care about the quality of what he or she has to offer. Farmers markets are kind of like a farmers version of a boutique market. You get to meet and talk with the farmers directly. You get to see and learn about their entire process from start to finish. 

There is a wide variety of fruits and veggies on offer at your farmers market! Local produce that is ripe, locally grown and grown without pesticides or synthetic fertilizers. Often times, shoppers can find unique meat dishes too! Meat vendors often have really delicious dishes not found elsewhere.

Supporting local economies

Farmers markets provide a great opportunity to support your community by shopping local and buying from farmers who grew their goods themselves. No matter if you are shopping for a pizza restaurant in Bassendean, or for your own home, farmers markets are great. That means you’re supporting your local economy by purchasing goods that aren’t shipped in from far away. 

Many fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs are grown locally in season. If you like to eat fresh food but don’t have a lot of time or space in your home, check out what is available at nearby farmers markets. You won’t be able to get these products any other place! 

The foods sold at farmers markets are often fresher than those found in grocery stores because they are still being harvested as you buy them! Farmers markets offer an excellent opportunity to get healthy foods without all the preservatives and chemicals that grocery stores typically carry. 

That’s why many organic supermarkets now buy their produce from farmers market vendors instead of producing it on-site themselves because they know it will taste better, too!

Bottom line

Farmers markets are a great way to support local farmers, find some of the freshest and best tasting produce, and discover new products. They’re also a fun and interactive experience that you can’t get anywhere else.