What Is Body Sculpting?

There’s no “ideal body,” yet many of us wish we were more toned. Exercise and diet can only achieve so much, especially in difficult areas.

Body sculpting procedures can help. Non-surgical, in-office therapies remove fat cells non-invasively, and there are several possibilities.

What Is Non-Surgical Body Sculpting?

Body shaping involves eliminating fat cells with intense heat, sonic vibrations, or acid injections. Most non-invasive treatments have few side effects.

Five body sculpting procedures are available. Despite similar effects, some methods look and feel different.

Body contouring includes:

  1. Cryolipolysis
  2. Fat-burning laser
  3. Fat-reduction ultrasound
  4. Injecting deoxycholic acid
  5. Exercise


Freezing fat cells is cryolipolysis. Fat freezing is an excellent alternative for contouring areas resistant to diet and exercise because it won’t damage the skin.

CoolSculpting uses a machine to remove fat from the stomach, thighs, and butt. The technology then cools the damaged fat cells, leaving them frozen.

CoolSculpting reduces targeted body fat by 20-25%, but the results aren’t fast. It takes time to eliminate dead fat cells and see considerable weight loss. Massage boosts results.

Patients may suffer a tugging sensation, soreness, stinging, redness, or swelling. Symptoms are usually minor and last 3 to 11 days.

Weight Loss

Heat can also be used for body sculpting. SculpSure® (a CYNOSURE product) employs lasers to burn fat cells to an uncomfortable temperature.

This safe heat (107.6 to 116 degrees Fahrenheit) eliminates stubborn fat. After 25 minutes, the aesthetic operation is complete and fat cells should break down. Your lymphatic system needs 12 weeks to clear out dead fat cells and minimize loose skin.5

Minor pain can occur during the operation but subsides afterward. You may notice moderate stiffness or bruises after a hot body contouring treatment.

Fat-Reduction Ultrasound

Ultrasound fat reduction uses concentrated sonic waves to break down fat cells and remove undesirable fat pockets through vibrations. This body contouring rubs your stomach.

UltraShape and Liposonix are FDA-approved ultrasonic fat-reduction therapies (high-intensity focused ultrasound).

Ultrasonic radiofrequency body sculpting has similar side effects to heating. Body contouring causes heat and sweating in the target area.

Deoxycholic Acid

Deoxycholic acid is bile that helps digest fat. This acid can be syringe-injected for body contouring.

Since this is the only nonsurgical body sculpting that requires an injection, a local anesthetic is used.

Side effects include pain, swelling, bruising, and numbness. Mild side effects usually last a week or two. Kybella seldom causes major jaw mobility issues, however, this is rare.

Muscle Stimulation

Body shaping ends with arm or abdominal toning. EMS uses electromagnetic energy to strain and contract muscles like exercising. Muscle microtears and fat intake result from contractions. This method can build muscle like a workout, but without sweating.

EMS adverse effects include uncontrollable muscle twitching. Muscle discomfort and skin redness may occur, but they shouldn’t be severe or persist long. The adverse effects of a muscle stimulation technique may feel comparable to the pain following a hard workout

No matter the road to body sculpting you take, it’s crucial to familiarize yourself with the potential risks and negative effects. Additionally, always do your research when picking a treatment facility, and make sure you’re having these procedures from a trustworthy, credentialed practitioner.