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Soul Zhang Lu: Let Imagination Run Wild in Social Metaverse

Everyone needs social networking platforms to keep themselves connected and transform their offline connections into online relationships. However, the younger generations, born with the rapid advancement of Internet, expect more from social networking platforms. Catering to the young generations’ needs, Soul Zhang Lu has impressed the social networking industry with Soul App.

Users expect something new for social networking.

Social networking refers to the use of internet-based platforms and technologies to connect and communicate with other people, organizations, or groups. These platforms allow users to create profiles, share content, and engage with others through various forms of communication, such as posting status updates, sharing photos and videos, and messaging. People have already been accustomed to using multiple social networking platforms, which makes distance no longer an issue for friendship. However, most social networking platforms just take advantage of offline social circles, putting their users under an ocean of social pressure. Users desire something unique, a platform that is free of barriers and judgement, a cozy zone that can shield them from stress.

Soul Zhang Lu caters to users’ needs.

After investigating users’ needs, Soul Zhang Lu founded Soul App. This app was officially launched in 2016, and gradually became popular among young people. At present, Soul Zhang Lu is investing resources to build a warm social metaverse for young generations.

In the social metaverse founded by Soul App, users are invited to create and customize their own avatars to take on an entirely new identity. Soul Zhang Lu also prepares plenty of innovative tools for the user to create content on this judgement-free platform. Soul Cam is a fantastic innovation that enables every user to snap all the fun moments in their lives. It supports rich, unique camera filters. Users can try Audio Call to chat with other users at random without revealing their identities. Soul Pets and Animated Partyrooms are all fabulous designs waiting for everyone to unlock.

But the social metaverse isn’t just about creating and customizing. It’s also about socializing and connecting with others. Users can chat with friends, play games, and participate in a variety of meaningful events and activities with other users. In order to get like-minded users together, Soul Zhang Lu and her team creatively designed interest graphs for each user and sent them to various “planets” according to their interests. Soul App also suggests to each user-tailored content and other users with similar personalities, lives, and interests, facilitating deeper conversations that may eventually turn into friendships.

Soul Zhang Lu builds a platform with numerous possibilities.

In general, people have different functional needs for each app. For example, on some tool-based or knowledge-oriented platforms, users want to get direct answers in the fastest and most convenient way. On interest-based media, users only want to talk and share anything related to their interests.

However, users enjoy this fun and interactive environment on Soul App. Some users regard Soul App as a tree hole to hide their secrets and feelings. Some users grasp the chance to promote knowledge. The others may simply love to share and exchange ideas on this platform. It is easy to discover that users tend to believe Soul App is a safe and pressure-free zone to express whatever they want.

As a result, there is a prosperous co-creation ecology on this platform. Employing a decentralization system, Soul App insists on its original intention to make every user’s voice heard. The traffic inclusion system allows for timely and high-quality feedback. Gradually, users form a sense of belonging and happiness, which will further contribute to the prosperous content ecology.

In the future, Soul Zhang Lu will still focus on the users to provide a better product experience. She firmly believes that the users will also grow with Soul App to embrace a new stage of development together. Just let your imagination run wild in the brand new social metaverse!