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The Awesome Features of Instagram Stories and How to Leverage Them

Instagram is constantly looking for ways to keep ahead of the game, and the Stories extension is proof in the pudding.

If you’ve ever used Instagram over the last few years, you’ve probably encountered this feature most likely. In recent times, it’s believed to be among the most popular features available on Instagram.You also buy facebook followers uk That’s about 400 million people talking.

The temporal nature of each post is driving its popularity. It is a rival to the one and sole Snapchat, Instagram Stories, which looks to be gaining ground.

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Here are some excellent features of the extra function that can improve the user experience or marketing strategy.

Music button

Have you got a favorite song within your mind that you think can set the mood for an image or video? You can do that with the Stories’ music button. The stories Music button lets you add any music you want to add to the photos or videos.

You can choose any portion of the song which goes well with the video. This is quite amazing. Music in your post does not just make it more intriguing but can also attract the attention of your uploaded content.

To include music in your Stories, press the Sticker button and search for your favorite track. Listen to the song, and then alter it until it sounds perfect.

When you’re finished, then you’re all set to publish.

Keep track of the metrics of your story’s success.

Every post on Instagram includes metrics you can access easily. For companies, it is a crucial tool for analytics. It is possible to see the number of times your stories triggered targeted messages or profiles.

Swipe the screen on the story to test this metric to find out what’s happening.

Make sure to save all your posts.

Despite the 24 hour lifespan, You can keep the content of your Stories even after you’ve created it. Saving your content allows companies and users to share post-edited images and videos on other platforms. There are a variety of ways to use the function.

Blend various colors into your text

Liquid Reaction when mixing Blue and Orange Paints If you’re towards the artistic side, this feature is ideal for you. We all get tired of monochromatic designs and want to add a touch to a flair for our photos.

Instagram lets you choose to apply as many as 20 different color text on all of your posts. You can alter it as often as you like.

Save your top Stories.

If you post lots of stories often, eventually, you’ll surely be a fan. The stories are saved automatically and stored in an archive so that you can revisit them whenever you’d like.

The main issue is that you can only view these stories. To share your stories with others, after the limit of 24 hours, you must add them to your highlight reels.

Log into your profile, click the + icon, then select from your old Instagram Stories. Choose your top stories and then create highlights. You may gain insights from a couple of competitors to decide the best way to get your highlights planned.

You can also create your highlights by selecting different covers and titles. Viewers can see your highlights once they have visited your page.

Word limit

At times we’ve all wished to send a message to our followers, but we’ve did not meet the standard IG limit. The Stories feature allows users to write letters with no limit to remedy this issue click here for more info about Instagram and Facebook etc.

Tell your Story

The internet exposes you to numerous undesirable individuals. It is not uncommon to have a relationship with them, and you do not want them to keep an eye on you constantly.

You can restrict different users from reading your story. Visit your profile for the person you wish to keep your accounts with and click the Hide My Story button.

Make use of this feature to keep people from creeping on and snooping around your site.


Instagram stickers are among the most enjoyable ways to connect with followers. from asking for questions and posting songs, picking what’s the ideal for your posts, and you’re ready to go.

[Bonus] Zoom

Person Holding Magnifying GlassEver noticed a fantastic outfit you wanted to look up more information but could not zoom into? Users can simply use their fingers to zoom in on any image with the brand new zoom function. No more screenshotting images to zoom into.

To zoom in or out from the Instagram post, you need to pinch the screen in the same way you would. You can also take a video using zoom out/in mode. Click first on to record, then move your finger to move it up and down to zoom in or out.