Some Interesting Ways to Prepare for Competitive Exams

Covering the vast syllabus of competitive exams often seems to be very boring and difficult to some students. Well,  if you also think in the same way then dear, you are not right here. Covering the syllabus is very adventurous if done in the right manner. Remember that knowledge never makes us feel bored. In fact, it is the way we study that actually makes us feel bored. While preparing for the exam, you often come across so many facts and stories that can blow your mind. Don’t let some myths kill your interest in the preparations for the exam. This article can help you know some interesting ways to prepare for competitive exams.

The competitive exams check the knowledge and other abilities of a candidate. For cracking these exams, you have to find some recognized and right sources to prepare for the exam. Are you aiming to crack the upcoming SSC exam? If yes, then approaching the institutions that provide the best books for  SSC CGL will be very helpful to you.

Here are some interesting ways to prepare for competitive exams. 

Watch Some Technologies Shows

Watching some technology shows on TV or youtube can help you create an interest in current affairs. Moreover, this will also motivate you to do something different. You will see how people of your age are getting success in different fields. Also, you will stay updated on new innovations and their impacts on the world which is a very important part of current affairs. You can watch science monitor, Gadget Guru, Tech guru, Tech Toyz, etc. If possible, try to watch a technology show at least for half an hour daily. Are you preparing for the bank exams? If yes, then approaching the institutions that provide the best books for the bank exams will be a good idea.

Read Recognized and Good Quality Books

Your level of interest in the preparation also depends on the books you are reading. There are some books that elaborate on events in an interesting manner and give a crucial and deep knowledge of the concepts. Reading a book that gives knowledge is good but reading a book that creates interest in getting knowledge is a masterpiece. Moreover, try to read your favorite subject at least for half an hour daily. This will surely help you stay interested in the preparations. 

Discuss with Friends

Well, the discussion is one of the most appropriate ways to enhance your knowledge on a particular topic. Because when you discuss a topic with your friends then you also come across some new facts and thoughts that your friends have studied. Eventually, this will increase your knowledge on that topic. Discussion is a milestone for understanding difficult topics. You can discuss these topics with your teachers and elders but discussing with friends is more beneficial. If you can’t find a companion who is preparing for the same exam as you then try to explain the concepts to your siblings. Discussion helps you get knowledge on a topic from different aspects. 

Add Colors to the Syllabus

The syllabus is a very essential document that you have to keep in your mind while preparing for the exam. It is actually a map that will make you reach your destination. Please remember that jumping out of the syllabus while preparing for the exam is not a wise thing to do. Well, if you find your syllabus boring then add colors to it with the help of some highlighters. For this stick the syllabus on a wall and then highlight the topic you have already studied with a green highlighter.  You can also mark deadlines and highlight difficult topics. Eventually, this will help you access your performance. Moreover, this will trigger a sense of urgency in you to cover the syllabus and help you stop being distracted from the main content. If you are aiming to crack the upcoming SSC  exam then approaching the institutions that provide the best books for  SSC CGL will be very helpful to you.


Revision is a must to transfer the studied content from temporary memory to permanent memory. Many students prefer to revise a book over and over but the rest takes help from notes-making for a better revision. If you are from the former category then this is good.  Because reading a book repeatedly helps you clear the basics of the concepts. But if you are from the second category then there are some apps that can help you prepare some colorful apps. These apps are:

  • Evernote
  • Obsidian
  • Microsoft OneNote
  • Google keep
  • Notion

These apps can help you prepare effective notes that you can read in your free time.  

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Before wrapping up, let us tell you that your daily routine also has some impact on your interest in the preparations. If you spend more time on your phone and watching movies then this will surely make you feel fatigued for the rest of the day. Try to watch something relevant to your topic. Naturally, this will create an interest in your mind to study that topic thoroughly. We hope that this article will help you create an interest in your preparation for the competitive exams.