Motorcycle leather combinations for men and women

Are there different motorcycle leather combinations for men and women?

You will find in the trade both leather suits for women (for example from Dainese or Alpinestars) and leather suits for men. Aesthetics play an important role here tight cuts, patches, and stretch inserts decorate the biker’s clothing.

However, make sure that not only the appearance is right, but also that the protective clothing meets the safety requirements.

What do you wear under the leather suit?

Tests have shown that you should always wear a layer of clothing under a best freeride longboards leather suit so that it can absorb the sweat.the majority of bikers wear functional underwear under the combination, as this often has no seams compared to ordinary clothing and does not scrub. In addition, functional underwear can regulate the temperature of the body.

Is it possible to wash a leather suit for a motorcycle?

First of all, you should always pay attention to the manufacturer’s specifications of your clothing. As a rule, you can use water, a damp sponge, and gentle soap to clean the leather combination or you can choose the gentle wash cycle in the washing machine – but you prefer to do without the spin cycle.

After cleaning, the leather suit should be hung up to dry and then treated with leather care. Alternatively, you can also put the leather suit in a textile cleaning.

What safety features does the Silverstone Pro leather suit cover offer?

The material leather alone offers abrasion values that most textile motorcycle combinations do not come close to, at least not in the price range. The protectors also sit more securely in leather suits and do not slip so easily. The Silverstone Pro leather suit has protectors on the shoulders, elbows, and knees that sit securely and do not slip. Real protectors are missing on the hips and back, but they can be retrofitted. In addition, the zipper is rated positively, as it securely connects the jacket and trousers of the leather suit from Büse.

In which size should you order the Redbull motorcycle leather suit?

The seller has added the following Euro size comparison and offers advice on further inquiries: S-48, M-50, L-52, XL-54, 2XL-56, 3XL-58, 4XL-60. For an extra charge, you can also order the Redbull motorcycle suit Customized.

Are there any inner pockets on the Dainese Laguna Seca leather suit?

The Dainese Laguna Seca leather suit is equipped with a practical inner pocket.

Does the Silverstone Pro leather suit have a connecting zipper?

The Silverstone Pro leather suit has a circumferential connecting zipper, a second zipper allows a calf width adjustment.

Which grades did the individual motorcycle leather combinations receive in our comparison?

You can choose your personal motorcycle leather combination test winner from the following list:

First place – good: leather suit from A-Pro – exemplary Internet price: 285 Euro

Second place – good: Assen 2 1-piece Perforated motorcycle leather suit by Dainese – exemplary Internet price: 670 Euro

Third place – good: Carbon Black-White from XLS – exemplary Internet price: 370 Euro

Fourth place – good: Motorcycle leather suit mistletoe from Dainese – exemplary Internet price: 800 Euro

Fifth place – good: leather suit, men from XLS – exemplary Internet price: 370 Euro

Sixth place – good: 975-A56R from Proanti – exemplary Internet price: 290 Euro

Seventh place – good: Leather suit from XLS – exemplary Internet price: 360 Euro

Eighth place – good: Leather combination two-piece high-quality two-piece from XLS – exemplary Internet price: 370 Euro

Ninth place – very good: Silverstone Pro from Büse – exemplary Internet price: 495 Euro

Tenth place – very good: Silverstone Pro 2-divider women’s motorcycle leather suit from Büse – exemplary Internet price: 513 Euro

The grading distribution of the best electic motorcycle combinations manufacturers shows that the products are exclusively 4 motorcycle leather combinations with the grade “very good” and 8 motorcycle leather combinations with the grade “good”.

Most “good” and “very good” motorcycle-leather combination models, namely 4 pieces, are sent into the race by the motorcycle-leather combination brand XLS.

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