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How to build confidence while preparing for defence exams?

s the vast number of competitors in the defence exams shaking your confidence? Or are you feeling insecure about the strategy you have designed to get success in the defence exams? Well, undoubtedly, an aspirant often comes across so many factors that can shake his confidence while preparing for defence exams. Such factors include the vast number of competitors, some negative thoughts, the vastness of the syllabus, etc. Moreover, the growing competition is also making so many candidates insecure during the preparations.  Thus, they are deciding to leave the preparations in the middle. So, to avoid such conditions, it is necessary to have some tips that can keep you confident during the preparations. Note that your willingness to tackle the challenges is necessary. Reading this Golden tips to add to the strategy to crack the competitive exams article with an attentive mind can help you build confidence during the preparations for defence exams. 

There is no doubt that your confidence has a strong link with the way you are preparing for the exam. Well yes, you might have experienced that you don’t desire to go ahead when your instincts are telling you that you are not on the right path. So make sure that you are preparing for the defence exams correctly. In order to keep themselves updated with the right information, many aspirants choose to join a coaching institute. Because unquestionably, the environment and the experts can keep you alerted to the recent changes and can help you prepare under the right guidance. Are you preparing for the upcoming CDS  exam? If yes, then link with the best platform that provides CDS coaching. For the right guidance, you can also rely on the tips provided by the experts on youtube or recognised websites. 

Here are the crucial tips that can help you build confidence while preparing for defence exams. 

Tackle negative thoughts

A defence aspirant often comes across some strong negative thoughts that can make him feel insecure during the preparations. But do you know the science behind negative thoughts? Well, a negative thought is the imagination of an unfavourable situation. Therefore, finding a perfect solution to avoid those unfavourable situations can help you handle the negative thoughts effectively. Moreover, don’t try to turn a deaf ear or run from the negative thoughts. This will make you overthink them even more. So it is wise to think for a solution for negative thoughts rather than overthinking them. 

Read inspirational books

Do you love reading? If yes, then what if I tell you that you can use your source of entertainment as a source of getting knowledge. Well yes, you heard it right. There are some inspirational books  relevant to the defence exams you are desiring to crack.  Besides motivating you, these books can also give you some crucial knowledge of the defence forces. Moreover, it will also help you develop defence officers like qualities and habits. Some inspirational books that you can read are:

  • The brave
  • India’s most fearless
  • Kargil from surprise to victory 
  • Death wasn’t painful
  • Four miles to freedom

Undoubtedly, you must have found the name of these books interesting. Moreover, if you don’t like reading then you can prefer to watch some movies that are related to your field. For instance Shershaah, baby, URI, Raazi etc. 

Give adequate time to revision

Giving adequate time to revision is a must for cracking defence exams. Well before going ahead let us tell you that revision enhances your confidence. Moreover, note that during the interview round, the examiner will try to bewilder you by asking you tricky questions. So if you have revised the concepts at least twice then you will be able to answer the questions with confidence. So it is essential to plan a strategy in a way that can give you sufficient time for revision. A proper revision is an attribute of perfect preparations. So it is advisable to revise the syllabus at least twice before appearing in the defence exams. 

Maintain health

You must know that your thoughts have a link with the food you are eating on a regular basis. So, accept the fact that if you eat well then you think well. However, you can choose to eat junk food in less quantity to feel happy. But avoid eating them on a regular basis as it can impact your health and thoughts. Moreover,  research has shown that eating a sugary diet can trigger anxiety in you. Hence, avoid eating a sugary diet as much as possible. Furthermore, hydrate yourself well as water increase your concentration ability. So developing a habit of eating a natural diet can help you stay fit and healthy. You must have heard that consuming caffeinated drinks can affect your health. So it is wise to replace them with water. 

Develop good habits

Your habits have a strong connection with your future. You need to avoid the habits that refrain you from meeting your target. On the other hand, you must try to enhance the habits that help you meet the targets. So examine yourself carefully to know habits that have some impact on your preparations. The habits that refrain you from achieving success are overthinking, leaving tasks to tomorrow, eating junk food and sleeping excessively.  So try to develop the qualities that can help you crack defence exams. Note that habits can only be developed with patience. 

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Does overthinking help in cracking the defence exams? Well, the answer is no. If you are feeling insecure about your strategy then try to redefine it without changing it entirely. There is no doubt that your success depends on the accuracy of the strategy. The above-mentined tips can only help you build confidence during the preparations. For getting success in the defence exams, you are required to study and revise the syllabus of the defence exam sincerely.