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Installing Bi-Fold Doors in 7 Simple Steps

Bi-fold doors are a great way to add a sense of openness and light to any room. They can also be used as space-saving solutions for closets and pantries. Installing bi-fold doors is not as hard as you may think, and with these 7 simple steps, you’ll have your new door up in no time!

Folding doors can open up a space and create a beautiful feature in any room. The versatility of these doors makes them an excellent choice for both industrial and residential applications. They are lightweight, easy to open and close as needed, and can also be made with glass panels to allow natural lighting without compromising any privacy. Folding doors provide a modern touch in the home, and their collapsible panels allow for ease of storage when not in use. Whether sliding or folding into place, these doors are the perfect way to change up the look of your interior spaces quickly and easily.

Step 1

Measure the Doorway Before beginning installation, make sure that you measure the doorway to ensure that the new bi-fold doors will fit properly. The frame should be level and square, so make sure to check the measurements twice before moving on.

Step 2

 Cut the Doorway Opening Once you’ve determined the size of your door opening, it’s time to cut the doorway opening. After cutting the opening, use a piece of wood as a header for stability. This will help keep everything aligned when installing your bi-fold door.

Step 3

Install Your Track System Next, install your track system onto the top of the doorway using lag screws or nails. Make sure that everything is level and secure before continuing with installation.

Step 4

Hang Your Doors Now it’s time to hang your doors! Start by attaching the hinges onto each side of your door panels. Then attach them directly into the track system using lag screws or nails. Make sure that each panel is securely connected before moving on to the next one. 

Step 5

Attach Door Knobs Once all of your panels are hung in place, it’s time to attach door knobs or handles onto each panel. Make sure they are securely attached before continuing with installation.

Step 6

Test Your Doors Before closing up any holes or gaps around your bi-fold doors, do a test run by opening and closing them several times to make sure they work properly and open and close smoothly without any issues. 

Step 7

Finish Up Now it’s time for finishing touches! Fill in any holes or gaps around your bi-fold doors with caulk or spackle for an even finish. You can also choose to paint over them if desired!


Installing bi-fold doors is not difficult if you follow these 7 simple steps! With a few materials, some patience, and attention to detail, you can easily install bi-fold doors in no time at all! Whether you’re looking for more light or a space-saving solution for small rooms, bi-fold doors are definitely worth considering! Intended Audience: Homeowners looking for DIY projects during quarantine period who want an easy way to update their home without spending too much money.