Memorial Service: 5 Ideas To Honor Your Loved one

There are many ways you can honor a fallen loved one. You can honor them in public or in private depending on what you’re more comfortable with. How do you honor your loved one using simple memorial service ideas?

To honor your loved one, try adding a memorial bench near their burial site. You can also try donating to charity in your loved one’s name, such as a charity for a cause they supported. If neither of those appeal to you, try building something in their honor. If you want something more private, try cooking their favorite meal or watching their favorite movie.

The rest of this article will cover memorial benches, donating to charity, building mementos, cooking favorite meals, and watching favorite movies.

Memorial Benches

Before the memorial service, get in touch with the cemetery your loved one will be buried at. Many cemeteries allow you to add a memorial bench by their burial site. Unveil it during the memorial service as a way to honor your loved one.

These benches can be customized as well. For example, you can change the material that’s used to build the bench.

Donating To Charity

Donating to charity is a simple memorial service idea that helps so many while also honoring your loved one. Find a charity that supports a cause your loved one supported. From there, make a donation on your loved one’s behalf and speak about it at the memorial.

The guests would love to see the donation. It’s a simple way to honor your loved one that also helps other people in the world.

Building Mementos

This service can be done in either public or private. Build items that are important to your loved one. For example, if your loved one liked birdhouses, try making your own birdhouse and put it in your backyard. Or, if you have approval from the cemetery, place a small one by the burial site.

There are many mementos you can choose to build, and you can either keep them private to yourself, or reveal them to the public during the memorial. If you aren’t great with crafts, then this is a good idea to honor your loved one by taking the time to build a memory.

Cooking Favorite Meals

You don’t need to be a good cook to do this. During or after the memorial, try cooking your loved one’s favorite meal. Your sense of smell helps tie you back to memories. By cooking your loved one’s favorite meal, you’re bringing yourself closer to that person.

Watching Favorite Movies

More memories will come if you watch your loved one’s favorite movie. Set up a fun movie night either by yourself or with others who are close to your loved one. Either alone or together, you can recall all the fun memories you had with this movie.

If you want to add more to movie night, try combining the last idea with this one. Try cooking your loved one’s favorite meal and eating it while watching the movie.