How To Choose Bathroom Furniture

We tell you how to choose a cabinet for a sink, storage systems, a mirror in accordance with modern trends and extend the life of the furniture.

We will tell you how to choose bathroom furniture so that the room is comfortable and beautiful. Let’s start with an overview of the materials that are suitable for such an environment.

Choosing furniture for the bathroom:


Splashes, temperature fluctuations and steam will affect cabinets every day – especially if the room is small and does not have good ventilation. Therefore, the surface of the facades, the body, the edge must be moisture resistant. Several materials meet this requirement. 

Housing materials

  • MDF, VDS. Sturdy boards, can withstand a lot of weight. This is an aesthetic, budget material. 
  • Metal- Most often, metal inserts are combined with MDF, VDSP or glass. They are durable, decorative, but have a heavy weight, high price. Metal is not suitable for every interior. 
  • Plastic is lightweight and inexpensive. But it will not withstand heavy objects and has a small margin of safety, plastic furnishings cannot be placed near a heat source and cleaned with abrasive products, so it is not suitable for all interiors. 
  • Strained glass. More common in individual elements of the headset. For example, on a tabletop. Tempered glass will not break, it is difficult to scratch it. But it is difficult to care for such a surface.

MDF and VDSP are the most popular material.

Finish coat

So that pressed panels do not deteriorate from exposure to water, they are treated with resins, primers and other coatings. Let’s list them.

  • PVC film: This is a water-repellent, fairly durable self-adhesive. There are always many shades on sale. Contrary to popular belief, the film does not peel off the surface for a long time. 
  • Enamel (varnish): The painted surface can be glossy or matte. Enamel is resistant to steam and moisture, looks beautiful. 
  • Melamine, acrylic, HPL plastic: The coating may resemble translucent or colored glass. The first option is the most economical solution. But often such plastic is not resistant to mechanical stress, it easily splits, scratches, absorbs dirt. HPL and acrylic are resistant but cost more.

Durable and at the same time economical materials – MDF and VDSP panels coated with PVC film. Beautiful, durable, but more expensive headsets are made of glass, metal or treated with acrylic plastic, paint and varnish.

As for the massif, some rocks, with high humidity, only become stronger. For example, alder, oak, wenge. However, the wood must be thoroughly dried beforehand and covered with several stages of protective layers of primers, drying oils, paints, varnishes, waxes and oils. 

More common headsets are made of veneered glued solid wood, pressed from several layers of wood (lamellas), which are fixed with a special adhesive. But wood products, solid or glued, can only be afforded by owners of spacious, well-ventilated premises.

Furniture and accessories 

Now we will tell you what furniture to choose for the bathroom. First, we will give some tips for planning the interior as a whole, and then we will consider each zone separately. 

General recommendations

  • Try not to clutter all the walls and floor with things. Determine the minimum set of items. Usually this is a cabinet with a sink, a mirror cabinet, open shelves, a laundry basket. In some cases, a wardrobe. 
  • A small room will visually expand if you install hanging furniture. For example, a closed set with a mirror or a vanity cabinet with a place for towels and accessories. 
  • Mounted modules are also relevant for underfloor heating. 
  • If you choose floor standing cabinets, it’s best to have legs instead of a solid panel. This will make cleaning easier. 
  • You can buy large items in the spacious shower room.