Shower Set Or Shower System: Which Is Better To Choose For The Bathroom?

The need to purchase a shower head arises in two main situations – when the old shower is out of order, or when a new faucet is bought, but the watering can that comes with it does not suit you. In our new article, we will find out what types of showers are, how to choose them correctly and how to care for them.

Shower head, headset, rack, system: main differences

We all know from childhood that in order to take a shower in the bath, you need a shower head that connects to the faucet. Now there are two varieties of such faucets – with a spout (the ability to pour water into the bath) and without a spout. The first variety has a switch (divertor), with which the water supply mode is changed. The second variety only mixes hot and cold water and supplies it to the shower.

From the modern range of shower accessories, you can choose various devices for taking a shower: a shower head, a shower set, a shower rack, a shower system. Next, let’s talk about them in more detail.

  • A shower head is a simple tool that connects to a faucet with a hose. Watering cans are made from plastic, metal, or a combination of materials. The main method of fastening when performing its main function is a wall holder. In this case, in the state of storage, it can be placed on the holder on the mixer, if any. A watering can can have from one to five water supply modes. Their switching, depending on the model, is implemented in different ways – rotary or push-button. Color solutions are varied.
  • The shower set includes, in addition to the handheld shower head, a metal bar with a holder that can be moved up and down to select a comfortable position. Optionally, a soap dish and a shelf can also be placed on the bar. The fixture is attached to the wall with screws. The main material for the manufacture of the rod is an alloy of metals. The traditional color is chrome. But you can also find white or black headsets from some manufacturers.
  • The shower column has an additional L-shaped nozzle at the top, on which a rain shower head is fixed, the diameter of which exceeds that of a conventional hand shower and can be from 25 to 45 cm. The overhead shower is made in square, rectangular, round or oval shapes. The main purpose of such a watering can is to supply water with an imitation of a tropical downpour. Rarely, some manufacturers add other modes to tropical watering cans.
  • The shower system includes not only a bar, two shower heads (manual and top), but also a mixer for supplying and switching water supply modes.

Shower system faucet can be:

  • Shower only (no spout)
  • For shower and bath (with spout)
  • Thermostatic (with water temperature setting)
  • Double or single lever

Installing a shower head in a bathroom

Your bathroom is suitable for installing a shower and shower set in almost all cases. It is enough that a bathtub (or a shower enclosure with a tray) and a faucet are installed in it. Of course, without a mixer, the shower will not work. In all other cases – installation is possible.

The main characteristics of shower sets

  • Diameter: A watering can with a minimum diameter, such as 5 cm, will not be functional. It is better to choose models from 8 cm and more.
  • Modes: if you like to stand under a jet of strong water or vice versa under a scattered jet that resembles a light summer rain, then you should purchase a watering can with several modes.
  • It is better to choose a hose for connecting a watering can to a mixer with a metal braid and twist protection.
  • When choosing a holder for a watering can, pay attention to the ability to change the angle of inclination, this will make using the device more convenient.
  • The fastening of the headset rod or a separate holder must be reliable, you should avoid products with suction cups, etc.

For greater convenience, you can purchase a bar with a soap dish and a shelf already on it. This will allow you to have everything you need for shower procedures at hand.