How to 3D Scan With Xbox 360 Kinects

Do you want to know if the Kinect can serve as a 3D scanner? It can! Many people, from designers to builders, are using 3D scanning to replicate physical objects in the digital realm. And among the several tools and techniques available, some people choose to use the Kinect, a motion-sensing gadget that Microsoft first created for the Xbox 360. The infrared lasers and sensors used by the Kinect scanners, which employ them to determine the depth of and surrounding an item, are similar to those used in mid-range 3D scanners. But keep in mind that if you have scanning needs that require more precision and care, you should rely on scanning service providers like Tangent Solutions who are specialized in their field.

Nevertheless, the Xbox 360 Kinects traditionally came in two consumer-oriented models the Kinetic v1 and v2. The Kinect v2 employs time-of-flight computations in contrast to the Kinect v1, which uses triangulation and structured light. Additionally, the v2 has an HD quality of 1920 x 1080 compared to the v1’s resolution of 640 x 480. Additionally, the second version has a broader field of vision than the first and can feel farther (around 70 degrees). Along with this viewing benefit, the time-of-flight IR sensor technique used in version 2 makes it less susceptible to interference from other signals.

No matter what Kinetic scanner you are using, you need to take care of a few requirements. Read on to learn all about them

Using Xbox 360 Kinects as 3D Scanner

Purchasing essential hardware is the first thing you must do. To begin 3D scanning with a Kinect, you will only require three items. In addition to the Xbox Kinect, a PC is required. A laptop or desktop computer with an available USB port can be used for this.

A PC adapter is yet another crucial item you will want. As you may be aware, Kinect for Xbox models was created specifically for usage with the corresponding Xbox versions rather than a PC. For this reason, you’ll need to buy a Kinect Xbox One to PC or Kinect 360 to PC adaptor. However, the required PC adapters are included with both Kinect for Windows variants.

Downloading the Drivers

You must download the drivers after connecting your Kinect to your computer. This code instructs your computer on how to use the Kinect. After your computer detects the Kinect, it’s quite probable that the drivers will download automatically if you’re using Windows 10. Very convenient, no? You will need to get the drivers from Microsoft if it didn’t happen.

Preparation for Scanning

The Kinect for Windows SDK must then be downloaded and installed. Connect your Kinect sensor, then wait for Windows to recognize it.

Install the 3D scanning software of your choice now. You may need to experiment a little to find the settings and features of each software that work best for you and your PC. A free Windows 10 app called 3D Scan uses your Kinect to produce 3D models. Microsoft offers the application for download.

Scanning the Object

The scanning procedure may look quite straightforward: The scan will be seen on the computer after simply moving the Kinect over the thing. And you’re not mistaken; that’s the primary issue. However, there are several considerations to make in order to obtain better scans.

When scanning a person, you may either place them on a gigantic rolling turntable or, better yet, simply walk around them while using the Kinect. As you scan them, be sure to tilt the Kinect up and down to fill in all the blank spaces, such as the top of their head.

Each software service includes a fill-in and gap-closing option for the model when scanning is finished.

If you choose to, the volume and color information from your scanned data will also be included, enabling you to have a full-color 3D print produced through a business like Shapeways.

To Wrap Up,

Kinect includes a built-in camera that enables you to play interactive games, snap photographs, and more. And you can also use it to 3D scan objects. You may choose which applications can use the linked Kinect and whether it is turned on in the settings on compatible Xbox systems. You may use your Xbox 360 Kinect to prepare your 3D scan by following the instructions above.