Smart Intercom As The Best Technology To Add To Your Homes

Your residence is a home for resting and relaxation and where you feel secure. We love to see our place evolve from a simple house to an adaptive place of comfort. If you think this idea is impossible, then you are entirely wrong. You should be aware of your house’s potential, which should elevate the level of efficiency and, most of all, Security. Smart TVs, phones, refrigerators, and any other advanced gadgets, if you have it all, then we suggest another one. Or if you need innovative technology, we offer this technology for starters. Plus, it is an excellent investment and is worth every penny. You should add spice to your comfort place by equipping the smart intercom

Smart intercoms might be the best gift for your family before this year ends. 2022 is almost ending, and it is time to experience a technology that caters to all your efficiency problems. Here are the reasons you should buy smart intercoms; plus, we will list down some top brands you should consider. Make sure to list all the essential things. Lastly, share this with your family and friends for future smart intercom references. 

Reasons Why You Should Invest In Smart Intercoms Before 2022 Ends

1.) Heighten Security

Indeed, smart intercoms could increase Security. Hence it will sometimes depend on a specific type of brand. Some have other features like a video intercom, which means a camera exists, which could give you a sense of awareness of what is happening outside your area. Some are merely intercom. So, always opt for smart intercoms as they have more extensive features that could help you secure your place. 

2.) A CCTV-Like Purpose

As we said, smart intercoms have great features and can be an all-in-one technology. Smart intercoms depending on the brand, have cameras that can work 24/7, capture all the things, give you alerts, and help you to give awareness or heads-up of your everyday condition within your area. 

3.) Remote Unlocks

Smart intercoms are known for having many access methods. Some have integrated mobile apps so that you can execute remote unlocks. If you are always out and about, this feature might help you. Delivery guys and trusted visitors can benefit from this, as you will no longer have to physically attend to opening your doors with a few clicks, and you can permit the authorized persons. 

4.) Audio Calling Features With Video

Communications are always vital; whether advanced or not, audio calling features are present, but smart intercom will twist you. You will be fully seeing the person who is at your door, which is safer. 

Top Smart Intercoms You Should Invest

1.) Summer Infant 

Summer infant can serve as a smart intercom, but mostly it is for baby monitoring. This baby monitor is great for all parents who want to be hands-on but still want to attend to their tasks. With this baby monitor, you can supervise your kids anytime. This technology is high-performing with a 5″ color LCD, two-way audio talk, digital zoom, and infrared night vision.

2.) ButterflyMX Video Intercom System

This ButterflyMX is a costly cloud-based system. Its system can offer two-way audio talk with video, landline, mobile calling, and more. 

3.) Swiftlane

Swiftlane’s video intercom has two variants and costs differently; both are high-performing. Swiftlane has multiple access methods: remote unlocks, face recognition, PIN method, key fob access, card access, voice automated parking gate, garage door unlock, keyless entry, and other touchless entries. Swiftreader and Swiftreader X are the variants. If you want to know more about Swiftlane, they have an accessible site you can access in a few clicks. Plus, they offer free demos that you can book.

Other Smart Intercom Brands

1.) Latch Video Intercom System

2.) Aiphone Jo Series

3.) Nest Doorbell Front Door Video Cam

4.) Eufy

5.) Infant Optics