Finding support for infertility

The urge to reproduce is a natural one. Most people want to have children of their own, their own families, their progeny. However, fertility can also be a sore point as well. 

There are many reason men and women may face infertility. In men, there can be issue of impotence, that may however be resolve with the aid of extraction of sperms. 

But some men might not produce any sperms, or those produced might not be viable. Similarly, women can also face infertility due to many factors, as your gynecologist in Lahore will also tell you. 

Some have issues with egg production, others might have problem with their fallopian tubes. Issues like endometriosis can also posit a problem of fertility. 

To complicate the issue, there is the constraint of both partners being fertile; naturally, it takes two people to make a baby, unless you are going for a donor. And at times, it can also be a case of unexplained infertility. 

Infertility’s toll on your body

Whereas some people are fine with not having babies, and they don’t desire any either, for others, taking in infertility can be a big challenge. 

Not only does one then have to deal with the stress of being infertile, but the poking questions from even the well-meaning people can be too much to bear. 

Similarly, people who want to explore into the fertility treatments then have to take the added mental toll, not the mention the expense of these treatments. 

During this time, it is vital that one finds support for this ordeal. While no one can truly understand the extent of the mental turmoil, you can take steps to improve your condition. 

Finding support for infertility 

Join support groups 

Support groups are composite of people who are in the same situation, so it helps in building comradery. Women and couples in these groups know exactly what you are going through, so the words that they offer are not only more sincere, but they also know what to say. 

Furthermore, joining such groups can also help you feel as if you are not alone facing such a predicament. 

Women can also share their tips, experiences, and advice regarding fertility treatments as well, so they are beneficial in supplementing your knowledge. 

Support groups also allow you to offer advice and help to others, which can then make you feel better about yourself as well. 

Read up on it 

There are several books that you can turn to for information and support as well. When you read other’s inspiring journey, it can give you courage to carry yours forwards too. 

Turn to friends and family for emotional support

You can also turn to your friends and family for solace. Though it may seem hard at first, but these people know you best, and they know the ways in which your spirits can be lifted. 

Moreover, your loved ones can be trusted with your feelings. You don’t have to give them context. They are more attuned to your body language, so they know if you are not feeling well, and thus can offer you more attention. 

Visit a mental health expert  

If you cannot talk to your friends or family about the way you are feeling, then at least talk to a counselor. If you keep everything bottled up inside, you are not processing your emotions in a healthy fashion. 

Furthermore, mental health experts can also help you in channeling your trauma better. They can also identify if the depression is becoming extreme and offer you medication for to help you. 

Talk to your doctor 

During these trying times, you can also benefit from talking to a credible doctor like Dr. Misbah Malik as well. They can guide you better about the process, what to expect during this entire time, the impact of the treatment on your mental and physical health etc.