Employee Reservations regarding Harassment Complaints

The current economic crunch is affecting the economies worldwide. Businesses have collapsed. The job market has shrunk. People are finding it very hard to even survive, given the difficult economic scenarios. The growing inflation has made it impossible even for the middle class to meet their daily expenses. In such times, a lucrative job that helps you in managing all your living expenses in a good way is like a dream come true. However, a well-paid job with ideal work circumstances is not always the case. Employees often experience unpleasant instances of harassment on the job.

The harassment can be of any form. It can be physical, verbal, or emotional. Physical harassment accounts for unpleasant and objectionable advances that are physical. An unwelcome touch, gesture, or action that is sexual is categorised as harassment. Employees get subjected to it either by a co-worker, supervisor, or employer. Moreover, the offender can be of the same gender as the victim or the opposite one. In both cases, the intensity of the crime remains the same. It is termed an offence and the accused is subjected to punishment for the atrocities committed.

However, it takes a lot of courage on part of the victim to acknowledge it as a serious violation of his employment as well as human rights. Apart from the acknowledgment, the victim needs to be determined enough to take legal action against the accused with the help of acclaimed labor and employment lawyers. Legal proceedings cannot be undertaken, processed, or executed without the help of law professionals. 

Labour and Employment Lawyers not only specialize in employment law but are also aware of all the ins and outs related to the legal system. Hence, they are the best bets for such individuals who have been a victim of workplace harassment and lack the courage, and relevant knowledge to stand up for their due entitlements.

Workplace harassment is such an issue that cannot be brushed under the carpet. It not only needs to be addressed timely but also dealt with strictly. Companies need to have an efficient and fair mechanism to cater to employee complaints, especially those that are serious like harassment.

Threatening Employment Situations and Legal Saviours

Employees often find themselves in certain employment situations that threaten their professional as well as personal lives. An abusive boss at work, a co-worker displaying a harassing attitude towards you, a supervisor discriminating against you, or any higher-up acting unfairly towards you is enough to jeopardize your mental peace, physical well-being, and financial security. The first thing for you to do, as an employee, is to report the unjust act to the concerned department at once. It is important to identify the law offender and make him face the repercussions of his actions. For Main Land or LLC Companies, employees can lodge the complaint in MOHRE and for the Free Zone companies, the complaint has to be lodged inside the Free Zone Company. Then Court Referral paper is issued and the case can be registered.    

However, if the one accused is your boss, or a higher-up having an authoritative hold and power within the organization, employees often refrain from doing anything against the perpetrator. It is out of fear of losing whatever you have in terms of a job, income, honour, and survival. Moreover, the horrors of an uncertain future also loom over the victim and cripple him in a way that he is unable to make a just move and fight for his legal rights as an employee as well as a human being.

In all such scenarios where an employee finds himself insignificant, and powerless to fight against an important authority within an organization, or the employer himself, it is time to take legal assistance. This aid is provided by established labor and employment lawyers who know what exactly to do in such employment situations where the powerless are set against the powerful. Read here more Labour and Employment Lawyers in Abu Dhabi

Nobody is above the other in the eyes of the law and experienced labor and employment lawyers communicate it effectively to the victim as well as the one accused of the crime. Hence, these law experts become the voice of the innocent in the court of law to bring them the justice they deserve as an employee of the organization in question and as citizens of the state. UAE and its Law promises its residents, locals and expatriates both, that no one will be treated above law. 

Their extensive knowledge of the law coupled with their vast experience in handling similar employment-related legal issues makes them the best choices to help the victimized individual who has no hope of getting justice on his own. In addition to it, these law professionals not only help the people seeking legal aid but also educate them regarding their rights and duties in the process of handling their case files.