Vograce Custom Pillow Materials

When you order custom throw pillows from Vograce, you can choose from several different materials. These include Cover material, Printing technology, and durability. Learn how these three factors affect the cost and comfort of your pillows. Vograce is also able to provide assistance on color and material issues. Contact a sales representative for assistance.

Printing technology

Vograce uses upgraded printing technology to create custom pillow materials that are cool and breathable. They also use a new color ink system that provides a better printing color. The company also offers custom stickers and badges to promote their products. You can also customize these pillows by selecting the materials that best suit your style.

Vograce acrylic keychains feature a 1.5mm gold or silver edge and are printed on both sides. They also have a glitter epoxy coating for the front side. The lead time for custom keychains is about five business days after the outline has been confirmed, and shipping time is two to seven days (excluding weekends). If you order more than one, you can get a deeper discount.

Custom key chains are becoming increasingly popular and often include personal designs. Acrylic key chains are usually attached to a metal key ring or chain. Acrylic key chains require energy to produce, transport, and recycle, and thus contribute to global warming. This means that they are an environmentally-conscious gift option.

Cover material

When buying custom throw pillows covers, choosing the right material is a key element to consider. Different types of fabrics will have different print qualities and cost. You must also consider environmental factors, including dust and debris protection. Vograce can help you choose the right material for your specific needs. Contact Vograce salesmen if you have questions about the different kinds of materials.

While you can find many companies that offer custom pillow cover options, it is important to choose the right brand. Vograce is a popular manufacturer that offer a sleep trial and warranty, as well as advice about the best designs to choose from. They also offer a variety of materials, including ultra-soft natural materials and luxurious poly fabrics. These fabrics are soft to the touch while sleeping and provide crisp print reproduction.


If you’re considering purchasing a custom pillow, you’ll want to consider the durability of the materials used. Cotton fabric is the most popular material for custom body pillows because it’s breathable and soft to the touch. It’s also great for colder seasons, and it’s highly elastic and stretchable in four directions. One disadvantage of cotton, however, is that it takes longer to manufacture than other materials used in Vograce keychains. For this reason, you’ll have to wait about two weeks for a custom-shaped pillow that’s made to fit your needs.

Vograce acrylic keychains are also very durable and scratch-resistant. They are also available in a variety of colors and can be customized to fit your personality. Whether you want a custom-made keychain with a favorite quote, a photo, or something else, acrylic is a great option.

Whether you’re looking for a custom pillow for a child or yourself, Vograce has options that will meet your needs. Its washable, waterproof, and easy-to-carry design makes it ideal for both travel and home storage. If you want to make your own custom-designed pillow, the company also offers custom keychains.

Choosing the right materials for your custom pillows is an important part of the process. Cotton is a natural fabric that breathes well and remains cool against the skin. While cotton is the most popular fabric for custom pillows, it is also not the least expensive option. Depending on the design, you can also choose a combination of fabrics. If you’re not sure, you can contact Vograce’s salesmen to ask questions.

Distinguishing features

Vograce offers custom throw pillows and blankets that have the shape and material of your choice. The company also offers body pillows, shaped pillows, square pillows, and nap throw pillows. These custom pillows and blankets are designed to fit your body exactly, and they’re perfect for promoting well-being and eliminating tiredness.

Whether you’re looking for a few pillows or a few hundred, Vograce Custom can help you create a pillow or blanket that is just right for you. Custom throw pillows and blankets are a great way to add a personal touch to any room. They’re perfect for bedrooms, living rooms, or dens.

One of the distinguishing features of Vograce’s products is its ability to use holographic films to decorate its products. These films can be applied to square tinplate products, or to specific products, such as heart and star-shaped products. Another great feature of Vograce’s tinplate products is their ability to make large batches of products.


When traveling long distances, a custom pillow is the perfect travel companion. They’re soft, stretchy, and padded with PP cotton. They also make excellent gifts. Choose from a wide variety of designs or go with a personalized design.

If you’re looking for a unique pillow that’s sure to impress, custom Dakimakura body pillows are an excellent option. You can choose from square, rectangular, and shaped pillows, and have them personalized to fit your needs. Whether you’re going for a modern design or a traditional aesthetic, these body pillows will surely make your bedroom feel comfortable.

These pillows are made from super soft plush material that provides support to the head during sleep. They come in different designs and are machine-washable. You can order a custom body pillow featuring your favorite cartoon character or a design that’s special to you. Not only do these pillows make the perfect gift for anyone who loves cuddling, they’re also a unique way to add a personal touch to any bedroom.

Besides being a great gift idea, these body pillows can also help people with health problems. For instance, many people struggle to sleep well at night due to knee pain or spinal problems. By using a Vograce body pillow, you can sleep pain-free and improve your spine alignment. Even medical experts recommend using them while sleeping.