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The ultimate guide to guest posts for guest post providers

As guest post providers, our mission is to make link-building easy and efficient for SEO professionals and business owners.

Guest posts are key to building authority for your brand and gaining strong backlinks to your site.

Our backlink management software has been a huge success for our guest post provider clients. It guides them in building the right backlinks every time. However, not all guest posts or backlinks are created equal. Guest posts can be a good or bad way to create backlinks.

You just started a website, and you are now wondering “what are guest posts?” Continue reading to know everything essential to get started.

Anatomy and usefulness of a guest post

Many guest posting services allow clients to choose between high-traffic sites or domain authority.

Although high domain authority is important, we have found that it can be misleading. Our team discovered many blogs with da 30+ that had zero traffic and rankings while conducting blog outreach.

Although these blogs have a high da, they don’t provide any value without traffic.

This is what guest post provider focuses upon when classifying blogs

Clearly, there are numerous aspects to consider. High domain authority sites sound great, but they may not always provide what we need.

Our research has shown that organic traffic to a blog via google is the most important factor.

This is a sign that a blog is authoritative in Google’s eyes and for the thousands of people who visit it every month.

You should build branded anchors for your homepage and links to individual site pages from referring domains when searching for guest posts.

Guest post length

Nearly all guest writing services offer 500-word articles. It’s the industry standard but you should avoid any recognizable patterns in SEO. This means that you don’t want to do the same thing repeatedly.

Guest post provider: 95% of guest posting orders choose 500 words as the default.

This means that there are many thousands of guest posts of 500 words (often with one external link) available on the internet. This is a large footprint that our team is concerned about. We strongly recommend that clients keep their guest posts to a minimum of 750 words.

You can also order guest posts that contain at least 1,000 words. This allows you to offer more detailed content without being restricted by the 500-word rule.

Sections for guest posts

A guest post is something you can do if you have written a blog regularly for your site. It will only have specific anchor text with a link back to your site.

First, create a title or subtitle that includes your targeted keywords. Keep in mind that you are writing for humans, not google bots. Your writing should be easy to read and conversational.

Remember that your blog will be featured on another website. Your style should match the sites. You should share accurate and up-to-date information. Your content or information should also be able to answer questions.

Guest posts can be an effective way to get exposure for your website or blog. However, it’s important to make sure that you’re not paying too much for them. There are a few ways to get a cheap guest post. One is to look for guest post providers who offer discounts. Another is to search for guest post providers who are willing to negotiate on price. You can also try to find guest post providers who are willing to barter services in exchange for a guest post.