Choosing The Right Tile Trim Edge For Your Next Project

Have you chosen the tiles for your project and are now ready to tile your room and give it a glamorous look? Well, chances are that you may have forgotten about how you are going to finish the edges.  

Achieving a smooth and subtle transition between walls is an important factor to consider so that your room does not end up looking hideous. Tile trims are available in a variety of shapes, finishes, and colors. Keep on reading for a guide to choosing the right one for your next project.  

How Does Trimming Your Wall Tiles Work?

A tile trim is used to finish off the edges of tiled spaces, generally, the corners where otherwise you would be left with an exposed tiled wall if you do not use other alternatives like mitering. This can make your wall prone to damage, making your wall look unfinished and ugly.  

This is why alternatives like edges are used to provide a subtle and effortless finish to your walls. This will help in covering sharp corners that would otherwise look like a mess.  

How To Choose the Right Tiled Edges for Your Wall? 

Broadly categorized, four basic types of tile edge trim are readily available today. Alibaba offers some of the best ones at affordable rates. These 4 types include porcelain, stone trimmers, plastic trimmers, and ceramic trimmers.  

If you are going to use trimmers for your tiled corners, it is suggested to match the color and the material before making a decision. Moreover, it is also essential to go through the depth and the size of the cut that you need.  

While choosing an edge trimmer, it is highly recommended to match the depth of the trimmer to your tiles, to get a more subtle and professional-looking finish. To reduce the errors caused due to the use of adhesive on your tiles, choose a trimmer one size up from the actual depth of your tiles.  

Types Of Trims for Your Tiled Area  

These trims usually come in metal or plastic strips, in various colors, styles, and designs. This offers you the freedom to choose the one that matches your tiles so closely that there is a minimum noticeable difference. These trims also come in a range of finishes, to help you choose from a variety of alternative and versatile designs.  

Below are some of the trimming accessories used for installation: 

  • Connectors to connect and give a clean, continuous after-trim finish  
  • Outside and inside corners where the two walls meet  
  • Corner pieces used to give the edges a clean and subtle look  
  • Cornering for areas like kitchen floors  

How To Install Your Trims 

After you’ve chosen your trims, make sure to cut and bend them before moving on to the installation process. When you’re done, mixed the adhesive that you are using and with a towel, apply it to the place where you need the trims.  

After that, you will have to push the trims on the area, pressing it firmly. Finally, lay your tiles onto the surface and apply the adhesive to the back of the tiles as well. 


These trims are an essential add-on for your tiled walls, to make sure that your wall does not look bizarre. Head over to Alibaba to find the best tile edge trim accessories.