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What is the average cost of painting a ceiling?

The appearance of your ceiling is essential to the rest of your interior. Homeowners spend a lot of time interior designing for walls. Have you ever considered painting your ceiling? When the walls need a new coat of paint, people immediately hire painters. Ceiling paintings need the same focus and time. Once the ceiling repair is complete and the ceiling texture has been patched, a dated light fixture or a rusty return-air vent can mar the new-look.

You might plan a new coat of paint on the ceiling. Others might plan to add hues of different paint colours because they got bored with the flat. Add a fresh look to your ceiling. Remove stains and peel off paint from the surface and make it attractive. There are different reasons to paint the ceiling and each requires a different cost.

As far as the ceiling painting cost is concerned, it is about between $150 to $200. But usually, it depends on the size and structure of the place. However, you can differentiate the prices of local and professional painters in Perth.

The cost factors of ceiling painting

The professional painters in Perth tell the average cost of ceiling painting by considering these factors:

  • Ceiling size

The cost of the ceiling painting depends on the size of the ceiling. If the ceiling size is average, the painters will cost between $150 to $200. Moreover, if the room size is small, definitely the ceiling size will be small. Then the painters will demand less than $150.

But if the ceiling size is larger than the average, the painter will charge more than $200 for the painting job. Most painters in Perth charge a different fee for the bathroom and bedroom ceiling.

  • Height of ceiling

The painters in Perth especially notice the height of the ceiling. Painting height ceilings such as hallways, entryways and other height areas require ladders. Moreover, painters have their own advanced tools to paint ceilings in height. Therefore, they have to bring them. Moreover, painting a ceiling requires more effort than a wall. So, painters charge according to their service. 

  • The texture of the surface

The painting cost of the ceiling highly depends on the texture of the surface. Other than flat surfaces, textured or popcorn ceilings require different costs.

  • Ceiling condition

The cost of ceiling painting rises if the ceiling is not well-conditioned. Painters do filling, sanding and repairing the small fixture. In doing so, the cost of painting the ceiling rose.

If the ceiling surface is smooth and you just need a new coat of paint, the painter will charge an average amount.

  • Newly constructed or old

If you want to paint on a newly constructed ceiling, painters will cost a low charge. Because it doesn’t require any filling or fixture. Moreover, painters don’t need to smooth the surface that is already smooth.

Furthermore, on a newly constructed ceiling, you can paint by yourself. You just need to take help from the painters in Perth. New homes require fewer preps and they can be painted quickly. You can also ask roof plumbers in Perth which paint will be suitable for the ceiling.

  • Quality of paint required

Good and reputable painters use quality paints for ceiling painting. Good quality paint enhances the interior look of the ceiling. 

Low-quality paint is lower in price but does not provide the expected result. Moreover, it can peel off after some time and doesn’t last long on the surface. So, this is a total waste of money and time.

When you hire a painter for ceiling paint, they ask for the quality of paint you want on the ceiling. If you want standard-quality paint of higher quality, you need to pay high for it.

  • Quantity of paint required

The more space the ceiling occupies, the more paint you will need. If you choose high-quality paint for your ceiling, you will need it according to your space. The more paint you need, the more money you need to spend on it. 

Moreover, if you want different hues of paint on the ceiling to make it attractive, you need to buy different paint colours. Buying different paint colours costs higher than buying one flat colour.

  • The painters you hire

Generally, handymen charge less than professional painters in Perth. When you hire a local handyman for ceiling painting, they will cost less. Moreover, you may not be satisfied with their work. On the other hand, professional painters charge by following all these factors and their reputation. So, if you hire a reputable painter, you will need to pay them high according to their service.

Ceiling painting cost

  • The average ceiling painting cost is $150 to $200
  • The minimum painting cost is $40
  • Maximum painting cost $2000

You can save yourself a considerable amount of money on labour costs if you paint a ceiling yourself.


Here is you know that what is the average cost and everything is easy when you know what price are going in Market. Painters in Perth are the Best For You.