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Effective Tips To Follow When Remodeling Washrooms

Remodelling a washroom after a long time means you have to pay extra attention to sanitation, plumbing, and floors. As the house gets older, the washrooms tend to get dirtier. The gaps between the tiles get black, molds may start to grow in the shower area and the tiles may get slimy and slippery. 

When you have a budget and you know your washrooms need sprucing, make sure to follow these effective tips to ensure proper remodelling. 

1. Replace The Tile Work In Shower Area

The shower area can get problematic after 5 years of building a house. Since this part is kept mostly moist, molds may start to grow and the floor in this area particularly gets very slippery. You can not afford slip and fall accidents in your washroom, especially if you are living alone. 

Make sure that you scrub the tiles in the shower area properly. You can get cleaning products from the market that can help with slippery tiles. However, if it is too much work, do not hesitate to replace the tiles. 

2. Get Water Pipes Inspected Thoroughly

Water pipes can start to act up after some time. Clogged drains may make it difficult for water to get out of the washroom floor faster, or the salt deposits can make water pressure extremely low. If you are showering, you want high-pressure water to make bath time more relaxing. 

When you are renovating the washroom, get a pipeline camera inspection so that you know the severity of the problem. Camera inspection makes it easier to see the inside of the pipe and figure out the damage. You can follow the treatment accordingly. 

3. Clean The Faucets And Showerheads

Showerheads and faucets are damaged with time. Salts and other mineral deposits can clog the holes, therefore, reducing the water output. Secondly, polish on faucets can tarnish with time. 

You should get the showerheads and faucets cleaned thoroughly. If you do not want to replace everything because of budget issues, you can clean the existing ones and polish them to make them look new. There are plenty of DIY ways to clean showerheads and faucets with household items. 

4. Clean The Floor Tiles

If you want to give your washroom a new look, clean the floor tiles. Replacing the entire floor can be time-consuming. If you want to avoid the hassle, invest in good cleaners and scrubbers. 

You can easily find cleaning products that can remove the dirt from the gap between the tiles. Scrub off the yellowish hue on your tiles or other stain marks. 

5. Repaint The Walls

Repainting the washroom walls should be essential. Since most parts of the walls are covered with mirrors, tiles, and cabinets, you have little space to paint. You can even do it by yourself. 
Choose a good colour for the washroom and paint the walls. It will kill the germs and give your washroom a fresh look. You should look for paint that is water-resistant and does not provide support to molds.