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Common Factors That Determine When To Give A Roof Repair

The roof is an integral part of every building and without it, the whole place can deteriorate in no time. Roofs are designed to give protection for years but unexpected bad conditions damage them. You will find yourself dealing with leaks, mold, and higher cooling bills.

Your home insurance might cover the cost of repair or replacement of your roof. But without having proper knowledge about the condition of your roof, how you will decide to give it a repair or replacement?

Luckily, here are some factors that will help you in the decision-making process for your roof repair:

Age of Roof

Here are a few things that you must know to determine the age of your roof. If you inherited the house you must ask your elders about the last replacement or repair they have done.

 In another case, if you have purchased the property from real estate, find the recipient and look for the latest roof replacement. To increase the curb appeal some home sellers replace the old roof and make the home energy efficient.

Also, you can analyze the age of your roof by examining the conditions of shingles and how the environment has affected them.

If you find any roof replacement in most recent years then it will be better to go for the repair. A roof can last for decades with good maintenance and a minor repair can increase the lifespan for more years.

Roof Condition

Usually, homeowners don’t examine the roof condition every month unless they have a major problem from inside. After analyzing the age the next factor for you is to examine the condition and extent of its damage. In some cases, the roof only deteriorates in appearance by surviving extreme weather conditions.

Giving a repair can be a good solution in this case but if the tree has fallen on your roof and made huge holes. It will be better to consult with your roofing contractor to know if it is fixable by repair or not.

If the roof has minor damage to an isolated area that covers less than 30 percent of your roof, a repair will be the most budget-friendly solution for you.

Affected Area

Finding the affected area and analyzing the damage will give you an overall understanding of your roof condition. If you find a leak in your roof that might have a chance to spread and ruin the inside of your home, going for a repair will be a money-saving and short-term solution for your problem.

If you have decided to live in the home for years, you must put a lot of thought into your roof maintenance. Repairing your shingles might protect your roof from bad weather but it will decrease the curb appeal of your home.

Repair is a process that takes less time but the same labor even when replacing a roof. Whenever any problem shows off, give your roof a complete inspection and check your insurance if it is viable or not.

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