6 Mistakes to Avoid When Picking Security Guard Uniforms

Are you considering ordering a bunch of uniforms for your employees? Whether purchasing a security guard uniform for your newly hired personnel or overalls for doctors, it is very dynamic and time-consuming. You must invest as much time and energy as possible to ensure a fruitful result.

Ensuring that your security guards are wearing fitting uniforms is imperative for various reasons. Not only does the security team look professional, but they should also be identified at first glance.

In addition, the security personnel must feel comfortable in their clothing and capable of carrying much-needed gear. So, there are several things that you must keep in perspective when buying security guard uniforms while being wary of potential mistakes.

Benefits of Security Guard Uniform

People, especially business owners, face a variety of problems when it comes to security personnel. Unfortunately, the only way to get through is to understand your security vulnerabilities and address them unequivocally.

Security guards give us peace of mind with their presence.  It is like having someone watch over and safeguard you from the notorious elements of the world when you go about attending to your life’s activities.  Security guards are easily identified by their uniforms.  

Having your security team dressed in proper and military-grade security guard uniform can be a good deterrent to crime. For instance, seeing your security guard in a uniform can help identify them from a distance, not just for you, but for anyone who sees them. The knowledge that there is someone professionally dressed, ready to guard the safety of people under his survelliance sets fear in the minds of wrong doers.

Here are the top 3 benefits of security guards in uniforms,

  • The uniform helps identify them with ease
  • They have a better deterrence to crime
  • Offer impeccable service
  • Help in controlling crowds

But how can you determine that you have made the right choice regarding the uniforms and didn’t make any mistakes while picking them up?

Top 6 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing Security Guard Uniforms

There are various mistakes that people make when buying security guard uniforms. We are here to ensure you don’t repeat those same mistakes and regret your purchase.

Here is everything you need to know.

  1. Buying a Cheaper Uniform

The first and foremost mistake people usually make when buying a security guard uniform is they go for cheaper alternatives.

We understand the temptation of saving a few dollars, but you must keep in mind that your security guard is heavily going to rely on how well-equipped their uniforms are. It should be able to bag several gears they will need on the job.

Plus, the durability and comfort of the uniform cannot be neglected. So, ensure you don’t buy cheaper uniforms to save some additional dollars.

  1. Not Considering Functionality

Choosing anything above function is a colossal mistake, one that you won’t be able to turn back from. While most of us want our security guards to look professional in their attire, you also must ensure the functionality of the uniform they are wearing.

We are not suggesting that we don’t consider design at all. But what you can do is try to balance both aspects. Make sure the design is good, but it also offers loads of functionality. It should be comfortable yet practical. Try and avoid tight and restraining clothes or anything that could be dangerous for your security guard.

  1. Not Considering Job Roles

Another mistake people usually make while buying security guard uniforms is that they don’t consider the job role of a security guard.

For instance, you wouldn’t want your sales team to wear the same clothes as your security guards, right? Also, try to differentiate the colors between different uniforms. This way, the crowd will be able to identify them quickly.  In addition, don’t forget the company badges.

  1. Never Considering the Weather

When buying a uniform, if you’re not considering the weather conditions where the security guard will perform their duty, this is another mistake that will go a long way.

The job of a security guard is tough. They must perform in various situations, whether monitoring the CCTV cameras indoors or going on nightly patrols. So, whatever uniform they wear should be comfortable and easy enough to save them from scorching heat, rain, or cold.

Furthermore, you can wear additional clothing like a vest or a jacket during winter. Have it designed in the same color contrast as the uniform, and it will complement the whole look.

  1. Having Too Many Opinions

When choosing a uniform, you must ensure that there aren’t too many opinions. This could not only cause difficulty in making the final decision but will also make the process longer than it has to be.

Keep the discussion low-key and only involve people who have some idea about what you’re looking for. Having designers and tailors on board for the discussion could be a good step. Both of these people are from the industry and will help you make an informed decision.

  1. Buying from Unknown Sellers

The Internet can be an attractive place. But, unfortunately, there are so many online uniform stores for security guards on Instagram and Facebook that you’re bound to get compelled by anyone of them and end up with a hazard on your hand.

Never buy anything from an online seller that you know nothing about. You may not only end up with low-quality uniforms but would also lose tons of money with no chance of ever getting it back.

Final Verdict

Buying uniforms for security guards can be a tasking and draining process. It can take a lot of time to decide what uniform color you are opting for and then choose the suitable fabric, design, and all the additional tweaks. You never know when you will end up making a mistake.

So, it is better to be prepared for what is to come instead of diving right in. The mistakes mentioned above are some of the most common errors people make while buying that can be easily avoided.

Don’t take too many opinions, always consider the weather and keep the comfort and ease of your security guards as the top priority. Follow these set of rules, and you will never regret your purchase.