3 Effective Home Remedies that can Ease Pneumonia Symptoms

When an infection, usually bacterial, affects the lungs there is inflammation. We call this inflammation pneumonia. Healthcare experts believe that it is a serious health disorder that can even lead to death. Therefore, finding a solution or treatment for the initial symptoms of pneumonia is a must.

In regard to pneumonia, you need to remember that there is no remedy that will treat pneumonia and permanently reduce these symptoms. But there are several home remedies that can ease pneumonia symptoms. These symptoms will really be effective in easing pneumonia symptoms.

According to the best pulmonologist in Lahore, there are many factors such as being under the age of five or above sixty-five can significantly increase the risks of pneumonia. In addition to the age factor, exposure for time to air pollutants or tobacco, or asthma can also lead to pneumonia in many people.

After the intrusion of COVID-19 in every country, the ratio of pneumonia also increased significantly. Living in a safe environment to prevent COVID-19 will also help in preventing many pneumonia symptoms. 

The symptoms of pneumonia, in people, always vary and their severity too varies. However, there can be some common pneumonia symptoms such as a mild to moderate cough that can persistent. In addition to experiencing a cough, many people can also face shortness of breath along with chest pain. Muscle aches, chills, as well as fatigue can also appear due to this infection.

Remedies to Reduce Pneumonia Symptoms

As mentioned above, some people can experience the symptoms of pneumonia due to bacterial infections. A pulmonologist or any other healthcare specialist will recommend medications according to the cause of their symptoms. In addition to this treatment, there will also be some home remedies that will be effective against pneumonia symptoms:

  1. Drink Hot Peppermint Tea

Drinking hot peppermint tea can play a major role in reducing and alleviating irritation caused by pneumonia. It can also expel mucus from the airways. Scientific studies are indicating that hot peppermint tea is an effective decongestant, and it can also work as a painkiller and inflammatory in the body.

You will get more and more benefits if you use tea made from fresh leaves of peppermint. However, many people don’t have access to fresh leaves. In that case, you can pick up bagged teas from a grocery store near your house. 

Well, if you can find some fresh peppermint leaves, it will be good enough for your symptoms. If going to market can help you in finding peppermint leaves, then you will need to find these leaves. If you find fresh peppermint leaves it will not be difficult to make tea from them.

You will need to boil these leaves for at least five minutes in water and then you can drink this tea. While mixing lemon or honey in it will increase its efficacy significantly. In addition to drinking this tea, you can also smell its aroma while it is steeping in the kettle on the stove. Inhaling the aroma of peppermint tea will help in clearing your nasal pathways.

  1. Rest is a Must

If you have developed the symptoms of pneumonia and think that you will overcome them without getting enough rest, then you are wrong. When pneumonia symptoms appear in the body they cause a lot of damage. This damage can’t be cured without getting plenty of rest.

Getting rest becomes essential for repairing cellular damage in the body. Additionally, getting rest will help in an effective way if you are experiencing shortness of breath caused by pneumonia. If you are sitting in the office for hours or doing hard work, you will need to keep these activities at low levels while experiencing pneumonia symptoms.

A patient with pneumonia shared his experience about getting rest during pneumonia. He explained that his pulmonologist recommended some medications for him and asked him to get rest for several hours. While taking medications I totally ignored his advice of getting rest, he added more. The medications were not working properly.

I did go to my pulmonologist again and asked him that the use of medications is not working well in case. The pulmonologist asked me are you getting enough rest? My response was in denial. Then the pulmonologist added that medications are not working well because you are not getting enough rest. I then started taking rest every day and symptoms began to improve.

  1. Turmeric Tea

When you experience persistent cough due to pneumonia there is pain in the chest. If you drink turmeric tea it will help in reducing this pain you will be in a better way to manage the symptoms of pneumonia. The use of turmeric will leave anti-inflammatory effects on the body.

You can take the roots of turmeric and cut them into pieces to make tea. To improve its taste, you can also add honey to it.