10 Animaker Alternative to Make Instagram Birthday Videos

If you’re considering using Animaker, it’s a good idea to look at comparable options or rivals. Features and user interface are other significant considerations when looking for a replacement for Animaker. To help you find the most acceptable alternatives to Animaker, we have created a list of the most popular options and rivals to Animaker.

1.  Doratoon 

Doratoon is another online application that enables you to make beautiful films, and birthday story ideas for your company and other uses, draw viewers and turn them into paying customers. Making visually appealing animation videos is no longer simply an idea. With Doratoon, you can bring this concept to life for your events and shoots. It takes just a few minutes to create an animated video using Doratoon.


  • Text-to-speech Conversion
  • Hundreds of Templates to Choose From
  • Drawings made by artificial intelligence
  • Management of the time
  • Video of PPT’s conversation
  • Aesthetic happy birthday Instagram story template
  • The computer-animated versions of real-world characters
  • Subtitle your videos intelligently.

If you’ve ever wanted to produce a happy birthday Instagram story for your company, Doratoon is a great online tool to let you do that. Motion movies have been in high demand recently. They are hired because they are visually appealing. Using Doratoon, you can quickly and easily create short animated films.

2. WeVideo

WeVideo is a premium video editing software that teachers and educators will find especially useful because of its unique selection of templates for assignments and schools. There are newsletters for parents, slide displays, and video book report formats.

Key Features of WeVideo:

  • Collection of original templates, aimed at teachers and educators in particular.
  •  Drag-and-drop video editing for fast and simple adjustments
  • Support for multi-track editing
  • Modern characteristics like Green Screen (available in paid tiers)

3. Biteable

Biteable is ideal for companies, marketers, agencies, and the typical video editing enthusiast working on a quick project because of its extensive selection of simple-to-use themes. Biteable would be an excellent match for you if your project, in particular, strongly depends on animation or motion graphics. They have templates for everything, including video wedding invitations and infographics for product debuts.

Biteable Features:

  • Thousands of original templates are available for both personal and business usage.
  • Import your images, videos, and music to improve them with Biteable’s fun extras and animated visuals.
  • A simple, minimalist user interface that is very user-friendly for beginners
  •  Unrestricted exports
  • 1.8 million Stock pictures and videos, including live-action, animated, and Claymation animations, 1000+ themes, and hundreds of ready-made animations (a form of stop-motion animation).

4. Rawshorts

For companies, bloggers, and artists who wish to turn spreadsheets and blog entries into films and whiteboard animations, there is Rawshorts. The tool allows social media managers to make animated social media posts, insta Instagram birthday stories, and calendars. Their templates span several use cases, from corporate communication and promotion to social media and content marketing.

Rawshorts features:

  • An AI that turns text into animated videos.
  • The ability to drag and drop objects to create animated videos.
  • The simple text video conversion is made possible by a robust text-to-speech capability.
  • Direct access from the editor to movies, images, icons, and animations with commercial and creative commons licenses.

5.   Videoscribe

To rapidly generate instructional material utilizing animated explainer films or whiteboard animations, Videoscribe is best suited for educators and marketers. It is also famous for making animated proposals, product presentations, and brand storytelling.

Features of Videoscribe

  • A massive selection of slide design tools, including animations, transitions, and icons.
  • Computerized video production
  • Users get access to more than 6000 free photos and user-friendly designs.
  • You can upload a different hand from your collection or apply the writing hand effect.
  • Users have the option to make an endless number of WMV, MP4, MOV, and AVI video files, as well as their JPEG and PNG sequences.

6.  Moovly

Small to medium-sized enterprises, freelancers, students, and professors should use Moovly. You may make films for internal communications, sales and marketing, employee onboarding and training, and other purposes.

Moovly’s Features:

  • Stock by Getty Images and Story blocks are included as stock media libraries.
  • Over a million free media resources.
  • An easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface for making animations and films.
  • The ability to record oneself and the screen, import and export subtitles, and use green screen backdrops.
  •  You may upload your movies to Moovly, Vimeo, or YouTube and share them there.

7. Offeo

Its emphasis on promotional material makes it ideal for small marketing firms, social media marketers, designers, and content producers that struggle to produce engaging commercials, promotional videos, and other content for their social media feeds.


  • Features more than 100+ video and picture themes for colorful social media posts and thumbnails.
  • Simple navigation and an intuitive video editing interface
  •  A focus on branded videos, such as advertisements, intro videos, and promotional films.
  • A collection with many audios, videos, and stock material.

8. Animoto

Animoto is an easy-to-use video editor with a drag-and-drop user interface. With a vast library of templates, you can use to create nearly anything, from individual birthday videos or albums to promotional advertising or social media posts for your company, it’s a fantastic match for personal and professional usage.

Animoto’s Features:

  • Hundreds of themes that you may customize for both personal projects and brand marketing
  • A variety of original video themes with possibilities for animated text
  • Simple navigation and an intuitive video editing interface.



Small firms, innovators, and entrepreneurs that want to make interesting promotional films and advertisements for their social media channels could use this Prezi substitute.’s Features

  • Modifiable video templates featuring fundamental video editing features, including text, media, audio, and image scaling.
  • An extensive music and image library
  • The easiest-to-use drag-and-drop editing interface
  • The option includes a brand kit with designs so you can quickly modify your films.
  • Customizing scenarios created from various templates
  • A variety of distinctive animated text styles


10.   Animaker

Animaker is designed for professionals in fields such as business and entrepreneurship, education, and social media management, as well as anyone interested in rapidly producing attractive animated films.

Their templates span various use cases, including content marketing, classroom storytelling, and HR onboarding movies, among others. Animaker is a video animation program hosted in the cloud and can be used by novices, non-designers, and experts alike to produce animation and live-action videos.

Users can produce high-quality animated films in a matter of minutes with Animaker because of the program’s pre-made templates and simple drag-and-drop capability. The animation process is simplified, which would generally entail complicated visual design, keyframes, character rigging, and other technical features.

Animaker features:

  • Functionality that allows you to drag and drop elements to make your animation videos
  • A vast archive of animated characters, properties, background graphics, icons, and photos, among other things.
  • Voice Overs that automatically lip sync to the video (that you give to your characters)
  • Options to include transitions, audio tracks, camera effects, and screen effects, as well as other types of effects.


Creating a birthday video is a great way to wish someone a happy birthday when you can’t be there in person or to keep the party’s unforgettable memories alive for years. With any luck, you’re now equipped to produce a professional-quality “happy birthday” video with the above video maker.

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