Safety checks for a pleasant ebike ride

Between 1996 to 2016, the number of Canadians  using electric bikes has doubled. In the present day, Ebikes or electric bicycles are getting more popular. Electric bikes in Canada are slowly becoming the preferred means to commute short and medium distances. Ebiking is an efficient mode of transportation. Since ebikes are a relatively new mode of transportation, people are not accustomed to riding them and sharing the road with them. This lack of awareness can lead to accidents and cause minor to serious injuries. However, with the right information and practices, your ebiking experience can be improved.

Here are some tips to make ebiking safer:

1. Be attentive to traffic: Ebikes may look like a normal cycle to the other people around you. But unlike ordinary cycles, an ebike can reach a speed of 32 kms per hour, which most people are not accustomed to. This unexpected speed can hinder the judgment of other drivers around you, leading to accidents while overtaking or giving a pass. Make sure that you are extra cautious while riding in areas with heavy traffic. 

2. Keep a check on the speed: If you are a new ebike user, then its speed can be overwhelming for you. Reduce your speed when in traffic. Get comfortable with the speed of your ebike for a few days before rushing through the traffic of urban cities like Montreal, Toronto, Quebec, and Ottawa etc.

3. Always wear your safety gear: In most accidents, impact to the head causes serious injuries. But with a good helmet, these fatal injuries can be avoided.  Purchase quality helmets and wear it whenever you are on the road. 

4. Brake Earlier: Ebikes or Electric bikes have motor-assisted pedals, giving you more speed. Unlike ordinary cycles, you must be extra cautious while using the brakes, especially on a busy road. So, when you see a road crossing or stop sign, slow down a bit and then apply the brakes to avoid sliding. This will ensure your safety and the safety of other people on the road.

5. Be cautious when mounting and demounting: Ebikes may look like an ordinary bicycle to many. But these bikes are heavier than the regular cycles. New riders can lose their balance and get injured while mounting and demounting an ebike. Make sure that the frame of the ebike is adjusted to your height. Practice your mounting and demounting technique in a safe environment with all the safety precautions before hitting the road.

6. Pay attention to the road: Loose gravel, puddles, and ice can lead to disbalance. Keep your eyes on the road and try to avoid these obstacles. If it can’t be avoided, slow down a bit and cross them with great care.

7. Stay in your lane: More cities are coming up with exclusive cycling lanes. Cities like Montreal, Quebec, and Toronto are building their cycling infrastructure to make ebking safer for everyone. If your city has a cycling route, make sure you use it.

8. Use indicator: Usually, cyclists rely on hand signs and body language to indicate which turn they are going to take. However, it’s advisable to break from this habit on an ebike. Indicators draw the other drivers’ attention and help avoid confusion. If your ebike does not have indicators, make sure you get them installed. 

Make your riding experience joyful with these safety measures and enjoy the modern and environmentally friendly mode of transportation. Just like any other vehicle, ebike also requires being cautious. A little awareness can save you from unwanted injuries while riding an ebike. Ebikes are user-friendly and easy-to-ride vehicles designed for daily use, making your commute easy, healthy, and comfortable.  Buy an Electric bike from the nearby store and start your ebike journey today!